Cedar Rapids Area Fiber Arts(CRAFA) Guild Field Trip – Betty Shreeves

Mid July, the CRAFA guild members went to Betty Shreeves home for a lovely workshop on silk hankies and dying fibers.  It was such a fun day! I brought two skeins of blank merino sock yarn, two skeins of blank alpaca sock yarn, 2 four ounce hanks of cormo roving, 4 oz of tussah silk roving to dye along with the silk hankie that Betty provided to us.  I went crazy playing with colors and really enjoyed the freedom to play and be inspired.  All ladies learned new techniques and made some really great silk fiber creations.

Each of us was given 30 grams of silk hankies. Silk hankies are silk cocoons stretched into a square.  We used Pro-Chem dyes in a huge array of colors to dye our pre-soaked hankies. Then let them soak for a couple of hours before placing each hankie in a plastic baggie.  Betty then steamed them in her dyers kitchen.  While we waited we learned to spin our silk hankies and knit with them.

Instructions as I remember:  Peel on hankie from your stack of Silk Hankies. Place your thumbs directly in the center of the hankie and make a hole in it. Pull evenly to the outer edges until you have a ribbon of silk.  This instantly becomes your roving in which you will spin from.  Draft it to the size you want your yarns gauge prior to spinning.  It is very tough to draft out while spinning.  Instead of spinning this “roving” you can knit with it.  I didn’t get many pictures of this field trip since I was very involved in particpating.

Those of us who went really enjoyed ourselves.


One thought on “Cedar Rapids Area Fiber Arts(CRAFA) Guild Field Trip – Betty Shreeves

  1. Wow, such beautiful colors!! I’ve always wanted to spin. A friend of mine tried to show me once but I couldn’t get the hang of it. One of these days, maybe! 🙂

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