Thanksgiving and Winter Solstice prep Celebrations







On Thanksgiving we had some really good food and a friend to feed. Our friend Scott had never been over before so he quickly got acquainted with Fiona the St. Bernard and our new puppy, Daisy, the Pomchi. He thankfully is an animal lover.
We all enjoyed a great dinner cooked by Steve, all by Steve for reasons that I will make clear soon enough.  We had a deep fried turkey, green bean cassorole, mashed potatoes, fresh bread, pumpkin pie, chocolate pudding pie, cheescake pudding pie, cranberry sauce and cranberry jelly and more.
Afterward we played some games, Dominion and chatted until it was time to TV veg.

We were supposed to go see Deathly Hallows movie this weekend but I couldn’t stand up in line that long so we waited a week for that. The Friday before the holiday I took one step from my driveway onto the grass to walk the dog and my ankle gave a huge POP! And down I went screaming like a baby. It was horrible. I waited until the next morning to go to the ER and found it was a severe sprain with probably more damage to the ligaments. The ER visit alone cost a fortune so I won’t be going for follow ups. Hopefully, I will have a lot less pain and swelling soon. It has been over two weeks and its still bad. They said I should be fully recovered from tne sprain in seven weeks, not considering any other damage. I have had plenty of time to knit so I have knit three gifts so far. That was cool. Wish I took pictures before giving them away.   I have had a great companion through out ask my knitting until she took off with a skein of yarn and mangled it. I was a tad upset about that. Gave me an excuse to go out for the first time, other than driving back and forth to bring B. to school.

I’m shopping from the internet quite a bit since I can’t stand long in the stores, but I love gift giving. It makes me giddy when someone likes a gift I have specifically chosen for them. Its the best part of the season. I have sent out some cards, which I always enjoy getting.  I’m trying to get some of the things the boys have on their wish list, but money is always an issue and I don’t work so things are more than tight if not impossible. But I try anyway.  I myself have gone through my Amazon account and updated it. I have found the new Universal Wishlist button to be great! All things from, and acorn catalog, and such is all on one list. That is just cool!

The tree is up and slowly decorations will come out. This time last year, I was painting the house in NY with my extremely good friends the Rayne family. I havent seen them since, nor my parents. Homesickness is number feeling lately. Very depressing being stuck without a support system. Its probably the number one thing I’m not supposed to do with two boys that have special needs, so to say this sucks is an understatement. I miss my family and the ones I love and that love me and my boys. This year I’m trying to make this a little better than lasts, since we had arrived here only a week before the Solstice and I couldn’t decorate or shop, since all my money went into traveling here to Iowa and I didn’t know where all my decorations were packed.  Hopefully, I will be successful in making this holiday season more eventful than last.


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