Waterfall scarf, by One Skien Wonders



Well, I finally finished this really neat scarf for my dear friend in MA. I started it in December 2010. I was hoping to have it done a lot sooner but I got distracted. Go figure.  It came out beautiful and I’m so glad I trusted the pattern. I’m not so good at trusting patterns but this one made me so curious. It was simply a scarf that every stitch was knit into the back of the stitch. Easy! But it all came down to the most unique bind off. Can’t really describe that, but you end up dropping stitches on purpose and having to make sure you pull then out the entire length of the scarf. Several of them. It opens this little scarf into a wide beautiful flowing piece. I was shocked and amazed. I love it and probably do another in a different yarn in the future.
It was sent off with a card and some lovely caramels from my local candy store, Sweetopia. Nom nom nom
I do hope she enjoys it and I hope it gets there before Valentines day.
I took a couple quick photos before sending it off just for record. I really hope she gets a photo of it with it on for me.


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