Japans Disaster Relief effort through Handdyed Yarn! Please share!

I have been feeling very helpless about the events occurring in Japan. After dwelling about this for a bit, I discovered even if I couldn’t solve anything I could at least help in some small way by doing something I enjoy and get others to feel really good while adding fibery goodness to their stash! I have created a Cherry Tree Blossom colorway hand dyed yarn in sock weight. Details are below.

am happy to report Karen of StageCoach Yarns, Manchester, IA has donated the sock yarn to be Hand dyed in the Cherry Tree Blossom colorway by myself. This increases the ability to donate more funds than I thought possible for the Japanese disaster relief. The Skeins are 426yds of 80/20 merino/nylon sock yarn. They are $16.00 a skein. $3.50 for shipping anywhere in the continental US. These will be ready for shipping next week. This is the first week the Japanese Cherry Tree blooms in Japan and begins their celebration of this season. Please contact StageCoach yarns or myself to pre-order your skeins.  Www.StageCoachYarns.com
Since, aid to Japan is meeting quite a bit of beaureaucratic resistence I will be researching which relief organization is able to make the most impact to its survivors to determine which one to donate funds to.
Thank you all for your support.


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