The Lorax

Today I was inspired to make Truffula Trees. I love this story and am sad that it is becoming a movie embellished so much so that I am sure that the message will be lost. Theodore Geisel was an amazing story teller and in his books he reflected all the values and principles of the Unitarian Universalist faith that he followed. Each book had one major theme, but held several issues along with it.
I will watch the movie when it comes out on dvd and hope the messages of the original story will not be lost.
“The Once-ler traded the forest for business opportunities with dire results. Can the environment be saved?…Ponder your own perspective of environmental concerns, local or global.”

Here is my Truffula Trees:

wool truffula tree

Truffula Tree

I simply needle felted a tuft of wool then felted it to the branches my son brought in from outside for me. Took less than ten minutes. If I wanted to be a perfectionist about it I could even paint the branches yellow/tan. 🙂


Please refer to for lessons per Dr. Seuss book.


ChipIn: Ipad for Zoe

Zoe is a dear family friend. My children were raised right along side the two eldest members of this family. This child suffered a severe stroke in utero and has overcome many obstacles. Her ability to communicate should not have to be one more obstacle, since there is technology that exists to help.  She needs this iPad too improve her quality of life dramatically. Please give where you can and share her webpage as much as you can. This family cannot do this on their own.
Thank you.

Current Resume, 2012 – Have no idea how to write Resume’s anymore. Doh!

Jody Pudsey

Center Point, IA

Employment History
Company: Bradford Industries, Inc., Lowell, MA
October 1999- May 2001
Position Engineering Administrator/Documentation Control

Responsibilities include Support to the Vice President of R&D,
Engineering, and the Quality Assurance Dept,
and General office duties.
ISO 9001/QS9000 knowledge, Purchase Orders,
Raw Material Vendor/Database maintenance,
Procedure and Specification revision control,
Internet Research, Advanced Product Quality
Planning maintenance, Design Control, Outside
Testing Tracking, Quality Test Method revision
control,Vendor/Supplier contact, Product
Database maintenance, Project Status Updates,
Plant Distributions, DCN’s, VAX/Lotus Approach
Database maintenance.

Company: Hybricon Corporation, Ayer, MA
January 1998 – June 1999
Position Engineering Administrator/ Document Control

Responsibilities include ISO 9001 knowledge, maintenance of Document
Change Notices and Project Folder’s. QAD Server database entry, Support to engineering,
manufacturing, sales and product control.
Established and maintained catalog Library.
Researched applicable vendor parts. Originated
Parts Specification File, General Office duty.

Company: American Protective Services, Woburn, MA
July 1997 – October 1997
Position Security Officer, Packard Bell-NEC, Boxboro, MA

Responsibilities include Building Access control, telephone operation,
computer logs,facility tours and human
relations. Implemented New Policy for Full
Baggage Inspection. Designed Visual Exit

Company: The Answer, Harvard, MA
November 1996 – July 1997
Position Telephone Operator

Responsibilities include Answering phones, numerical/alpha paging, and
appointment scheduling. Notified tradesmen,
doctor’s (medical and psychological) of

Company: Newbury College, Brookline, MA
September 1993 – November 1994
Position Assistant to Asst. Dean of Students, Student
Affairs office. Work Study

Responsibilities include General office duties such as billing, data
entry, scheduling and trouble shooting student
inquiries. Maintaining Student Health Records.

Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA
Associates of Science, Graphic Communication
Currently a Student
Classes completed:
Intro to Computers – A
Digital Photography – A
Principles of Advertising – A
Intro to Psychology – A
Survey of Graphic Design – In Progress
Fundamentals of Web Programming – In Progress

Kirkwood Community College, Continuing Education, Cedar Rapids, IA
Earned Certification of Graphic Design, May, 2010

Following Certifications completed at Australasian College of
Health Studies, Online Program: (School renamed to American College
of Health Studies, located in Portland, Oregon)

Certification of Holistic Pathology and Protocols- 2007
Certification of Structure and Function of the Human Body(A&P)- 2006
Certification of Nutrition, Bodycare, and Herbalism- 2005
Certification of Business Mastery Consulting- 2006

Newbury College, Brookline, MA
Associates of Science,(Incomplete)Interior Design, Fall’93-Spring’95

Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, Acton, MA
Graduate Class of 1993

Organizing and Planning group events, Computer Skills in both MAC and PC operating systems, Word Processing, Image Editing, Research, Highly Observant.

Current Organizations:
Kirkwood Community College, Dean’s List Honoree
Cedar Rapids Area Fiber Artist Guild, President

Past Organizations:
U.U. Congregation of Binghamton, NY- Member/ Small Group
Ministry Facilitator/ RE Teacher
Parents Helping Parents – Member/Honoree
Pepperell Youth Soccer League – Assistant Coach/Coach
Pepperell Elementary PTA – Recording Secretary- Membership