The Lorax

Today I was inspired to make Truffula Trees. I love this story and am sad that it is becoming a movie embellished so much so that I am sure that the message will be lost. Theodore Geisel was an amazing story teller and in his books he reflected all the values and principles of the Unitarian Universalist faith that he followed. Each book had one major theme, but held several issues along with it.
I will watch the movie when it comes out on dvd and hope the messages of the original story will not be lost.
“The Once-ler traded the forest for business opportunities with dire results. Can the environment be saved?…Ponder your own perspective of environmental concerns, local or global.”

Here is my Truffula Trees:

wool truffula tree

Truffula Tree

I simply needle felted a tuft of wool then felted it to the branches my son brought in from outside for me. Took less than ten minutes. If I wanted to be a perfectionist about it I could even paint the branches yellow/tan. 🙂


Please refer to for lessons per Dr. Seuss book.


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