Education – CHECK!

I finished!






I have just completed my Associates Degree in Graphic Communications.  I walk on May 18th 2013.  I am very excited!

It has been a very trying time. Between my youngest son, T, being hospitalized, committed, then finally placed in a residential treatment facility(still there, its been over a year). B, my eldest son, entering into his first long term relationship, college exams and applications from hell, traveling to Mexico, graduating from highschool and about to start college this Fall and participating in TaeKwonDo National Championships for a spot on the Olympic Team this summer. My Father-In-Law passing away. My Brother-In-Law moving in with us. My house flooding. It’s been a weeee bit crazy around here.

I don’t feel completely confident in my abilities, but at the same time, I know that if properly trained I could grow very quickly in any design position.



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