We’re Baaack!!


Jones Park, Vestal , NY

The big move back to NY is complete. It was a long and arduous process. I am still not content with our home purchase and living situation, but we are here and I am thankful for that.

I am able to take care of my parents, at a sacrafice of my son T. The services in which he needs are nil in NY. We knew that going in, but at least here we have the opportunity to rebuild our community with our homeschool coop and church.
For the last 5 years, not having either community available has made life very challenging. I am happy to be able to rebuild relationships and reshape them as all our lives have shifted in one way or another since our absence.

I hate to NY paperwork crap we have to complete for homeschooling. Such a beauraucratic waste of time, but it is easy enough. T was homeschooling as a 9th grader doing approx. 6th grade level work in IA, but here I am more app to document him as 8th in hopeful persuits of closer to accurate learning ability. No matter what I teach from here on out, it won’t make much difference to his life. It is pretty much stagnant as far as acedemics. Now is the time to focus on Life Skills as much as I can. One can only hope he will be independant for even a small portion of his life in the future.

I am now able to care for and help my dearest friend(Jacqui) daughters, when they allow it, as well. I was fortunate to be able to move so close to them. I love them dearly and wish I had never moved away and missed a minute of their life and Jacquis.

I don’t have room to spread my office and art supplies anywhere in the new house so I feel very contained and trapped here with little outlet. So I am slowly getting aggitated and trying to find outlets that aren’t fighting about stupid things that have little to do with the actual issue at hand. 😛 I know, silly, but it still happens. I learned about SoulCollage and I love that. I had fun doing a Zentangle and enjoyed that too. I have joined a very large Fiber Arts Guild, Lamb to Loom that thankfully meets at my church, I am very much enjoying. I am missing more than my fair share of Photography Club meetings and haven’t entered a single image in the Competitions, but I really like the format. Winters are not an easy time to pull me out of the house and then add the stress of moving, I have hiberanted a little. Not a good thing for me, even as an introvert.

I was admitted in to the Lourdes Hospital for about week from severe stomach pain and vomitting. I am now the proud owner of a medicaid card and lots of holes in my arms. It was super stressful and its not quite over yet. I have lots of follow up appts and such to make sure other issues they found are taken care of before I get so old it will be much harder to recover from. Hernia! yay! Not!

Now I must figure out how to get S. a birthday gift, T. a birthday party planned, Ostara set up and celebrated, dogs spayed, my surgery scheduled, psych appts for T. set up, house furntiure purchasing, plumbing and electrical work scheduled and paid for, care for T. during my recovery, and school work and classes continued. I am falling behind on everything but mybrain fog is making things slip and am becoming very unreliable. My mess, I will clean it up.

Did I mention I have not had any time to network, so that means no business can be thrown my way. No one knows I exist as far as design work. Sad but true. I must find work, so I can become independant. I feel like a kid living under someone elses roof and not being able to care for myself and my child on my own. Pathetic.

I am happy to be so close in vicinity to B. now. He attends Ithaca College as a sophmore. He is a smart guy. I hope he succeeds in what ever path he chooses. Soon he will be home for a week and I have no room for him. That makes me very angry.