Working backwards

I am going to be updating the blog. That will involve posting lots of pictures along side short posts regarding the events since we moved back to NY.

I would like to say upfront, I love being back here so that I can care for my family and friends. I do miss all the luxuries I had available to me in Iowa and the very close friends and connections I made there.
The transition back has been fairly easy but reconnecting with old friends is a challenge since many folks here just don’t have the same vibes I do. Never did, so its not a surprise to me. I just with that was a little easier and folks would actually take some time to welcome us back and make an effort to connect, rather than me always reaching out. It gets tiresome.

I love being near mom and dad. I even visited my brother. That is a rarity and one I enjoyed very much. Lots of doctors appointments between us all that keep me busy alongside the schoolwork I prepare for T. and R.&J.


I am fortunate enough to live back on five acres of land with a decent barn. I am building my homesteading skills back up by raising meat rabbits and meat chickens. After fencing gets funded, I will start meat goats. I have enjoyed getting dirty, wet and sweaty again. I know that sounds strange but I have lived an alternate life these past five years and it is a relief to get back into the activities I thrive in doing.

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Fiona, our Saint Bernard finally passed away back in June of 2014, since then I have filled that void with a teacup yorkie, Precious, and two chihuahuas, Minnie( build like a tank) and Carly ( long hair carebear).
They have been expensive to keep and maintain but they are loveable critters.collage_20150112074737227_20150112075035543