June 2015

I turned forty years old.  It isn’t all that big a deal, just another birthday. Another turn around the sun.

But I was super surprised by my dearest oldest friend visiting me for the weekend to celebrete. It was amazing having her here with me. I miss her dearly. She lives half way across the continent and I am not able to travel to her since i have T. with me all the time.

We had a lobster dinner and apple pie for dessert.  The lobster dinner was funny since we had R. with us and she had never encountered this food before. It was interesting to watch her reactions in trying to eat this food you really have to fight with the get the meat out of.  These particular lobster shells were extremely thick. I had never come across ones I couldn’t easily break. But we managed and enjoyed them all.  Of course, I was super delighted by sharing my mommas apple pie with everyone afterwards.

My dear friend gave me sweet presents and I had just receieved the birthday gifts I purchased for her back in May! It was very cool. We got to both celebrate turing 40 with each other. 🙂

The next day we had lunch with my mom and dad, then went swimming for an hour or so. I love swimming! I am so glad to be back in an area that has many options for doing just that, for free!

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