New addition to my Fiber Collection

June 2015

This new addition is a living breathing fiber making beast.

🙂  Welcome my sweetie, Satin angora rabbit, FLUFFERNUTTER!  She lives in the barn and comes in frequently to be groomed. She has just recently been cut down, so her next fiber harvest will be a in a few months and will hopefully have a little better stability than the new baby fluff from her first cut.



Car shows galore!

I have been to several car shows in the last few months. I am not particularly drawn to cars, but I am trying to improve  my skills as a photographer. Cars are an easy teaching tools. They don’t move, well, when parked anyway. They have great reflection properties. And they can’t complain. 😛

Here are some of my favorites from the Greene Cruise Ins and the Port Crane Fire Dept BBQ.

red truck bw01 oldie close01 mercuryclose01 whiteoldie01 Oriment01 jag white BW01 CovetteDragBW01 Red BW01 Jag01 Stingray whitecarbw01 pontiaccloseupbw01 familyhoodsup01 roadsterhoods01

Education – CHECK!

I finished!






I have just completed my Associates Degree in Graphic Communications.  I walk on May 18th 2013.  I am very excited!

It has been a very trying time. Between my youngest son, T, being hospitalized, committed, then finally placed in a residential treatment facility(still there, its been over a year). B, my eldest son, entering into his first long term relationship, college exams and applications from hell, traveling to Mexico, graduating from highschool and about to start college this Fall and participating in TaeKwonDo National Championships for a spot on the Olympic Team this summer. My Father-In-Law passing away. My Brother-In-Law moving in with us. My house flooding. It’s been a weeee bit crazy around here.

I don’t feel completely confident in my abilities, but at the same time, I know that if properly trained I could grow very quickly in any design position.


Japans Disaster Relief effort through Handdyed Yarn! Please share!

I have been feeling very helpless about the events occurring in Japan. After dwelling about this for a bit, I discovered even if I couldn’t solve anything I could at least help in some small way by doing something I enjoy and get others to feel really good while adding fibery goodness to their stash! I have created a Cherry Tree Blossom colorway hand dyed yarn in sock weight. Details are below.

am happy to report Karen of StageCoach Yarns, Manchester, IA has donated the sock yarn to be Hand dyed in the Cherry Tree Blossom colorway by myself. This increases the ability to donate more funds than I thought possible for the Japanese disaster relief. The Skeins are 426yds of 80/20 merino/nylon sock yarn. They are $16.00 a skein. $3.50 for shipping anywhere in the continental US. These will be ready for shipping next week. This is the first week the Japanese Cherry Tree blooms in Japan and begins their celebration of this season. Please contact StageCoach yarns or myself to pre-order your skeins.
Since, aid to Japan is meeting quite a bit of beaureaucratic resistence I will be researching which relief organization is able to make the most impact to its survivors to determine which one to donate funds to.
Thank you all for your support.

Waterfall scarf, by One Skien Wonders



Well, I finally finished this really neat scarf for my dear friend in MA. I started it in December 2010. I was hoping to have it done a lot sooner but I got distracted. Go figure.  It came out beautiful and I’m so glad I trusted the pattern. I’m not so good at trusting patterns but this one made me so curious. It was simply a scarf that every stitch was knit into the back of the stitch. Easy! But it all came down to the most unique bind off. Can’t really describe that, but you end up dropping stitches on purpose and having to make sure you pull then out the entire length of the scarf. Several of them. It opens this little scarf into a wide beautiful flowing piece. I was shocked and amazed. I love it and probably do another in a different yarn in the future.
It was sent off with a card and some lovely caramels from my local candy store, Sweetopia. Nom nom nom
I do hope she enjoys it and I hope it gets there before Valentines day.
I took a couple quick photos before sending it off just for record. I really hope she gets a photo of it with it on for me.

Knitting hats






Lately I have been creating hats. I’ve yet to follow a pattern, but I’m loving designing them. Here’s two I’ve knitted up.
The green cabled hat was knitted in the flat then seamed up. Found a design on etsy and since ordering it turned into an overseas nightmare I decided to replicate it. I still have yet to figure out how to crochet a flower to applicae to it’s side.
Then I finished my knitting at the local yarn store while hanging out with the girls one day and got restless, so I pitched new needles and three yarns I liked and balled two together and began knitting this fun child like hat. It was challenging to get the brim of the hat so it wasn’t loose but I figured it out and had lots of fun doing it. I have so much more of that yarn left I think I’ll do a couple more hats with it in various designs.

New Year!





Today is Imbolc. We celebrate this day having a variety of dairy nom noms, creative arts projects, and planting goals.
We had cheese spread and lemon curd on toast for breakfast.
Then we made felted soap.
We then had a lunch of too many types of cheese to list and veggies and summer sausage.
Later we planted our goals, by planting a seed for each goal we are working on this year, then lighting candles for each. We will tend the growth of our seeds just as we will tend our accomplishments this year.
Dinner was part fresh baked bread and luscious fresh fluffy butter!!! Oh so good!!

Today we survived a blizzard. Snow sucks but finally road maintenance figured out how to clear roads!!!!! Still need to learn the value of salt, but pavement seen immediatly after a snow storm is unheard of!!! It was amazing!!!