June 2015

I turned forty years old.  It isn’t all that big a deal, just another birthday. Another turn around the sun.

But I was super surprised by my dearest oldest friend visiting me for the weekend to celebrete. It was amazing having her here with me. I miss her dearly. She lives half way across the continent and I am not able to travel to her since i have T. with me all the time.

We had a lobster dinner and apple pie for dessert.  The lobster dinner was funny since we had R. with us and she had never encountered this food before. It was interesting to watch her reactions in trying to eat this food you really have to fight with the get the meat out of.  These particular lobster shells were extremely thick. I had never come across ones I couldn’t easily break. But we managed and enjoyed them all.  Of course, I was super delighted by sharing my mommas apple pie with everyone afterwards.

My dear friend gave me sweet presents and I had just receieved the birthday gifts I purchased for her back in May! It was very cool. We got to both celebrate turing 40 with each other. 🙂

The next day we had lunch with my mom and dad, then went swimming for an hour or so. I love swimming! I am so glad to be back in an area that has many options for doing just that, for free!

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Fireman Field Days

June 2015

Our favorite fair is the Firemans Field Days is Appalachin, NY. It is simple and fun. This time I brought the girls with us. I laughed so hard riding the twister ride over and over again my cheeks cramped up. LOL

I introduced the girls to fair food. DEEP FRIED OREO COOKIES! Nom nom nom nom.  T. got to shoot a BB Gun and Paint gun, which made him happy. :-/

We got there way early on the opening day due to lack of proper advertising for the event, so I took some realy neat pictures of the empty fair grounds and rides.

Firemans Field Day_mykids horsebwyesorange01crpweb carouselbw01 emptyfairwaybw01 ferriswheel01

Mothers Day Brunch Surprise

May 2015

Mothers Day. I had received a call from my lil sis a couple days before stating she was coming in for a surprise for Mothers Day. It had been a long time since my parents had seen her. And it would have been the second time they had the opportunity to meet her new husband. I had not met him yet at all.  I was excited. But we had no other plans.

I got my brian in to gear and planned a sneaky surprise. I had told them we were going to bring mom and dad to a fancy shmancy place for brunch. I was going to pick them up. My sis was arriving at the time my parents were supposed to be picked up by us.  They were waiting outside for us to arrive. Instead, my sister and her husband arrived. It was incredibly lovely for my parents but it didn’t end there.

I showed up and my parents were still under the impression that we were going to brunch, but not sure how that was going to work with sis being there. We came prepared. We brought brunch to them!!!

We had ham loaf, mimosas, fruit salad, waffles, eggs, and so much more!!!  It was a lovely day with the family. It was wonderful to meet my brother in law.  Mom had the best Mothers Day. I even topped it off with a trip out for her favorite treat, Ice cream!!

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Education – CHECK!

I finished!






I have just completed my Associates Degree in Graphic Communications.  I walk on May 18th 2013.  I am very excited!

It has been a very trying time. Between my youngest son, T, being hospitalized, committed, then finally placed in a residential treatment facility(still there, its been over a year). B, my eldest son, entering into his first long term relationship, college exams and applications from hell, traveling to Mexico, graduating from highschool and about to start college this Fall and participating in TaeKwonDo National Championships for a spot on the Olympic Team this summer. My Father-In-Law passing away. My Brother-In-Law moving in with us. My house flooding. It’s been a weeee bit crazy around here.

I don’t feel completely confident in my abilities, but at the same time, I know that if properly trained I could grow very quickly in any design position.


Like a Box of Chocolates

Life is whizzing by…sometimes at light speed, other times at a snails pace.

B. has been home for almost three weeks from Scattergood Friends School, where he started his Junior year of High School this fall, for vacation.  T. is back in school at the Life Skills program, where he has been attending since this Fall, from a two week vacation.  S. is back to his regular routine of going to the gym in the morning then work, then back home for dinner.  I begin my next semester of classes at Kirkwood Community College, continuing my slow steady progress towards my associates degree in Graphic Communication, on the 17th of Jan.

The New Year has begun.  I have been feeling very vacant and disconnected to everything around me for quite some time, so in hopes of rekindling being more present in my life I have turned back to this form of expression, blogging.  I find I reflect more accurately and thoughtfully upon my life through this process of writing to the blogging void.

To play a little catch up regarding the Holidays….

Peanut Butter Cups…

Brian came to visit us for the Solstice.  That was so fun having him here.

Chocolate Raspberry filled…

Did I mention after almost two years of hair growing B. finally gave up on having his hair long.  On his own accord he chose to have his haircut, SHORT!!  I love it!! Finally he has peripheral vision back!

He looks so grown up now!!


And we got the cutest kitten 6 months ago and she is so grown up now and loving her new Solstice gift.  A huge cat tree with three columns and three levels of play and sleep areas.

I know she is adorable!!

Strawberry Cream filled…

S. is on the local fire department and since May we live 1 minute away from the firehouse, walking. O_o  Yes, you heard  me right.  We moved.  We are still in the middle of No-Wheresville-Iowa, but we now live in town rather than out in the country.  I hate having neighbors.  Not personally, but due to the issues it creates with T.  He is curious and social and has NO boundaries. So it is dangerous for him to play outside when there is so much going on outside, giving him ample time to break the rules.  Rules, like no walking onto other peoples property, no entering peoples homes, no leaving our property, If biking or skootering…no going beyond the boundaries, etc etc etc….It is crazy living in an area in which I have to be a hawk watching this kid, just so he can play outside.  Pathetic, I know.  But necessary.

Dark chocolate Caramels…

Do you know what I did for New Years Eve?  Nothing, but the next day I got the best gift ever!!  6 hours allotted for me to join a girlfriend in a movie marathon with no children and plenty of chocolate on hand.  15 minutes into the movie and both us ladies are passed out on the couch.  Three hours later we wake have a snacky dinner and hang out chatting until I feel sleep coming back upon me.  Again, Pathetic, but wonderful!!!

Chocolate Covered Peanuts…

This week when B. returns to school he begins an Independent Study in the of Japanese Language.  I ordered him a PC program and a textbook.  Now I must go through each and try to create a cohesive lesson plan using them both.  This has meant staring and typing and reading and typing and learning more about Japanese than I ever intended. LOL  I am glad he loves the Language but him learning two languages at the same time seems like overload to me.  He is not phased by it so I guess I will simply follow his judgement.  He is so smart and eager to learn.  This summer he wants to take Trigonometry and Physics courses, continue his TaeKwonDo, and visit colleges.  It’s going to be a big challenge to get everything he wants complete, but I will do whatever I can to make his aspirations come to fruition.

Well, that is enough for now.  Crazy and busy, but mostly in a good way with the only exception being T.  That is just part of my world.

Valentine’s Day

We got packages from Grammy and Grampy and both boys got some fun and cute goodies from us adults.
I found the best recipe ever!!!

1 can of Pumpkin puree(12 or 14 ounces)
1 box cake mix, Devils food

Spoon mixture into cupcake pan.
400 degree oven
20 minutes

There is nothing else like it in the world!!! Lucious chocolately moist nom nom cupcake!!!

Love at First Site!!!