CSA – Our first


When we moved back to NY, I found a great CSA that picks up at a fantastic local foods market near our home.  We have been bogged down by so much vegatables I have little room in my fridge and some of it is going to waste. I love veggies, but when I get funky ones, I just have no idea what to do with them. I am looking forward to later on in the season when less greens and more actual veggies I can cook right away will start appearing in our boxes.

We are loving the fact that we already paid for all this in advanced so very little grocery money is going towards veggies now.

I also grabbed several chicks months back and raised them free range. They went to processing last week and now I have a freezer full of chicken. I am taking another batch in for processing soon as well.  I have meat rabbits, that I hope will be having kits in a month, so I can then have a freezer full by winter, of rabbit.  Hoping this will help cut down on meat purchases and be better for us health wise and money wise.



New addition to my Fiber Collection

June 2015

This new addition is a living breathing fiber making beast.

🙂  Welcome my sweetie, Satin angora rabbit, FLUFFERNUTTER!  She lives in the barn and comes in frequently to be groomed. She has just recently been cut down, so her next fiber harvest will be a in a few months and will hopefully have a little better stability than the new baby fluff from her first cut.


Working backwards

I am going to be updating the blog. That will involve posting lots of pictures along side short posts regarding the events since we moved back to NY.

I would like to say upfront, I love being back here so that I can care for my family and friends. I do miss all the luxuries I had available to me in Iowa and the very close friends and connections I made there.
The transition back has been fairly easy but reconnecting with old friends is a challenge since many folks here just don’t have the same vibes I do. Never did, so its not a surprise to me. I just with that was a little easier and folks would actually take some time to welcome us back and make an effort to connect, rather than me always reaching out. It gets tiresome.

I love being near mom and dad. I even visited my brother. That is a rarity and one I enjoyed very much. Lots of doctors appointments between us all that keep me busy alongside the schoolwork I prepare for T. and R.&J.


I am fortunate enough to live back on five acres of land with a decent barn. I am building my homesteading skills back up by raising meat rabbits and meat chickens. After fencing gets funded, I will start meat goats. I have enjoyed getting dirty, wet and sweaty again. I know that sounds strange but I have lived an alternate life these past five years and it is a relief to get back into the activities I thrive in doing.

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Fiona, our Saint Bernard finally passed away back in June of 2014, since then I have filled that void with a teacup yorkie, Precious, and two chihuahuas, Minnie( build like a tank) and Carly ( long hair carebear).
They have been expensive to keep and maintain but they are loveable critters.collage_20150112074737227_20150112075035543

Bread Recipe

Ya know, I have used this recipe for a really long time, but haven’t made it once since I moved to Iowa.  Our kitchen doesn’t feel right to me and I try not to be in there as much as possible.  But I realized that I have not posted this information for others to use.  It is the simplest version of bread and most versatile recipe ever!!  I can add anything to this to make it sweet or savory and the boys and I have always had fun molding our portions into interesting shapes.  It makes just enough to really fill you to the gills with warmth right out of the oven.

Daily Bread recipe:

1 c. warm water (for the yeast)
1 Tbls. yeast
1 tsp. honey

Combine in glass bowl/measuring cup to proof.

2 Tbls. to 1/4 c. oil
3 c. flour

Place in mixing bowl, add yeast mixture. Mix. Knead. Let rest for 10 minutes. Shape as desired on baking sheet(s). Cover. Let rise for 20 to 30 minutes. Bake at 425 F, for 10 to 13 minutes, depending on thickness. Remove from oven to cooling rack. Enjoy.

New Year!





Today is Imbolc. We celebrate this day having a variety of dairy nom noms, creative arts projects, and planting goals.
We had cheese spread and lemon curd on toast for breakfast.
Then we made felted soap.
We then had a lunch of too many types of cheese to list and veggies and summer sausage.
Later we planted our goals, by planting a seed for each goal we are working on this year, then lighting candles for each. We will tend the growth of our seeds just as we will tend our accomplishments this year.
Dinner was part fresh baked bread and luscious fresh fluffy butter!!! Oh so good!!

Today we survived a blizzard. Snow sucks but finally road maintenance figured out how to clear roads!!!!! Still need to learn the value of salt, but pavement seen immediatly after a snow storm is unheard of!!! It was amazing!!!


I am very fortunate.  I have a lot to give thanks for.  I have a family that loves me and supports me.  I can legally homeschool my children.  I have food on our table, with much to spare.  My family has clothes on their backs.  I am able to stay home with my children and meet their needs.  I have incredible friends who reach out to lend a hand or an open heart whenever I have need.  My man loves me so much he gives me chocolate regularly!  My man has a job.

This last one listed is such a blessing to us right now.  He was laid off in Oct. and he was so fortunate enough to have found himself torn between several available options all vying for him.  We aren’t quite their yet, but it makes me feel a lot better knowing that there is a job waiting upon our arrival in Iowa.  Making it to Iowa and surviving with no money until S.’s first paycheck will be interesting.  We purchase the hotel, transportation, meals and all that jazz while finding a new home, and then Steve receives reimbursement.  We don’t have the money upfront, so this should be very interesting.  This wasn’t how it worked when we moved to NY.  That was all taken care of by the company, but this one is very much do for yourself.  I don’t even get to go out to Iowa with Steve initially.  I have to stay behind with the boys, while packers come and real estate people interview.  I am so overwhelmed with all that needs to be taken care of prior to  move, that I am about catatonic.

We have painted for over 6 days straight, pretty much messing up every wall we came to. 😛  And prepared the biggest Thanksgiving Dinner for only 9 people.  😛  My dear friends the Rayne Family from Wild Acorn Farm, gave me a 30 pound piglet for my suckling pig dinner this year.  We also purchase(and I slaughtered and processed) an 18-20 lb turkey for dinner.  We had enough meat to feed over forty people!!  We had too many pies to count for dessert!  Too many sides to even recall!!  We had two tables set up for all this food and we still ran out of room.  We were very blessed by my Sister-in-law, Carrie, and her two boys, that joined us for Thanksgiving.  My parents were there, of course, as well.  My brother, David, is once again(4th time) in Iraq.  Knowing this was our last Thanksgiving or any kind of holiday in this house, I thought we gave it a pretty good send off.  Great food, fun conversation, and loving family.  Oh and don’t forget the Football.  Good games all around.

All this, while prepping the house for New Carpets coming in two days from then.  It was slightly crazy, but its done.  Now off to fix all the messes I made of the woodwork.  Doh!!!


Fiber Fridays

At Holiday Yarns, folks meet from 4-8ish pm to hang out and work on our projects, whether knitting, spinning, weaving or whatever.  Last Friday, when I was able to get out as a Birthday present to myself, I met up with a few friends from my more local Spinning Sunday and Tuesday Knitting Groups, there.   This usually leads to much humor and shenanigans.  So of course it ended with us doing just that.  It was another episode of “Thank god I am not drinking milk atm cuz otherwise it would have spurted out my nose” type of evening.  Good time had by all.

Below are pictures of us using Jen’s Pat Greens Super Carder.  I love this machine.   But, the more fly away fibers are a little, well, flighty.  At least in this case.  Fibers were whipping off the back of this machine like crazy.  It was really funny when Bugaboo and Shawlette tried to catch them and put them back on the carder.   One of those moments where I guess you had to be there.

So!  Go already!!  Every Friday or just any day of the week you are free and Holiday Yarns is open!  Beautiful local fiber artists commission there wares through her store and her line of colorways in both yarn and fiber are wonderful.  You can even build your own batt!  Huge assortment of fun colors and fibers to create your own fiber batt.  Jen is super helpful and always a pleasure to talk with.  Always worth the drive.  If you go on Friday evening you can even win a door prize!!  Hope to see you all there!!