Back in NY! IHIP 8th Grade

Back in NY! IHIP 8th Grade

GRADE LEVEL: 8th DOB: ___________
SCHOOL YEAR: 2014-2015
ADDRESS: _________________________________ NY ________
DATE SUBMITTED: February 28th 2015
QUARTERLY REPORT WILL BE MAILED ON: remainder…April 30th 2015 and July 31

T will be using various methods/tools for 8th grade instruction in all the subjects specified in Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. T will utilize an eclectic mix of classical, unschool and child led methodologies to complete his academic goals. The corresponding topics may include and shall not be limited to:


* Maintaining skills in fundamental operations* Factoring and products* Sets and simple sentences* Numeration systems* Using fractions and decimals* Ratio, proportion, and percent* Equalities and inequalities* Simple formulas and equations* Graphing an equation* Powers and roots of rational numbers* Polynomials* Metric and nonmetric geometry* Pythagorean Theorem* Scale drawing* Righttriangle trigonometry* Customary and metric measurement* Permutations* Probability statistics* Statistical terms* Mathematics of insurance, banking, and taxes

*Utilizing “Key to…” workbooks, “Oak Meadow Math 7” curriculum,, etc…


* Independent reading, * Literal, inferential, and evaluative reading skills, * Literary terms, * Novel, short story, narrative poetry, * Nonfiction, * Biographies of great Americans, * American poets and storytellers, * Creative dramatics, * Listening and speech activities, * Advanced dictionary work, * Extended vocabulary, * Figures of speech* Spelling* Infinitive, participle, gerund, predicate nominative, predicate adjective, direct and indirect object* Kinds of sentences and their parts* Functions of sentence elements* Writing simple business letters* Reportwriting skills* Improving skills in using basic reference sources* Inductive and deductive reasoning

*Utilizing “Oak Meadow English Literature 9” curriculum, “Super Sentences and Paragraphs” worksheets, practice workbooks, etc…

History and Geography

* Exploration and discovery* Growth and development of the United StatesColonial life* Struggle for independence* U. S. Constitution and Bill of RightsWestward movement in America* American Civil War* Reconstruction* U. S. as a world power * Meaning of democracy* WWI* WWII* Our American culture* U. S. political system* U.S. economic system* U. S. government* U. S. geography* Map and globe skills*
Current Affairs *NY State history has been previously covered

*Utilizing “American History” Coop class, “The Story of US” curriculum, newspapers, etc…


* Scientific method* Scientific nomenclature* Scientific measurement* Magnetism and electricity* Heat and light* Forces in liquids and gases* Wave, mechanical, electrical, and nuclear energy* Newton’s three laws of motion* Machines* The atom* Periodic table of elements* Compounds and mixtures* Chemical changes* Learning science concepts and vocabulary* Building inquiry, STEM, and 21st Century Skills* Incorporating math and writing in each science lesson

*Utilizing “ScienceFusion Module H, Matter and Force” curriculum,, etc…


* Grooming* Functions of the body* The body’s utilization of food* Types and functions of foods* Environmental hazards* Community sanitation and health * Health care services* Sexually transmitted diseases* Accident prevention, safety, and first aid* Mental hygiene* Substance abuse* Social Skills* Coping Skills* Anger Management* Medication Management

*Utilizing “Social Skills for High Schoolers”, “Hidden Keys”, “Its’ Perfectly Normal”, etc…

Music/Visual Arts/Phys. Ed./Practical Arts

* Wide exposure to all forms of music* Indepth studies of composers and artists* Arts and crafts* Art technique* Free play indoors and outdoors* Practical arts* Library skills* Cooking* Banking* Budgeting* Running a household* Basic Life Skills* Swimming* LARPing


*”Introduction to Psychology” Coop class

Instruction tools/resources may include and shall not be limited to: reference materials (atlas, dictionaries, globe, maps, encyclopedias, nonfiction books, videos, the internet), workbooks, worksheets, handson activities, experiments, science lab, projects,
newspapers, magazines, frequent field trips, group activities, classic/contemporary literature, research, journal/narrative/essay/poetry writing, games, creative thinking, predicting/forecasting, gathering facts, music CDs, CD ROMs, piano keyboard, abundant art supplies (clay, paint, crayons, pencils, sketchpads, felt, chalk, charcoal, pastels, etc.), structured group classes, free play, conversations, and real life.

Student Attendance Record available upon request.

Instruction will consist of no less than 990 hours for the year.

Primary instruction to T will be provided by ___________ his mother. Supplemental instruction will be provided by others, as necessary. A narrative assessment will be provided with the fourth quarterly report.


Winter Solstice Advent Calendar

I’m planning on building a Count Down Calendar to the Winter Solstice for Tyler this year.
I just created these 12 tickets that are going to be included in the Calendar. I figured I would share these with anyone who is interested.
Enjoy!  Click on the image below to open a Google Doc.


Bread Recipe

Ya know, I have used this recipe for a really long time, but haven’t made it once since I moved to Iowa.  Our kitchen doesn’t feel right to me and I try not to be in there as much as possible.  But I realized that I have not posted this information for others to use.  It is the simplest version of bread and most versatile recipe ever!!  I can add anything to this to make it sweet or savory and the boys and I have always had fun molding our portions into interesting shapes.  It makes just enough to really fill you to the gills with warmth right out of the oven.

Daily Bread recipe:

1 c. warm water (for the yeast)
1 Tbls. yeast
1 tsp. honey

Combine in glass bowl/measuring cup to proof.

2 Tbls. to 1/4 c. oil
3 c. flour

Place in mixing bowl, add yeast mixture. Mix. Knead. Let rest for 10 minutes. Shape as desired on baking sheet(s). Cover. Let rise for 20 to 30 minutes. Bake at 425 F, for 10 to 13 minutes, depending on thickness. Remove from oven to cooling rack. Enjoy.

Day 2 Faerie Festival; A Midsummer Nights Dream

Saturday, was dry and sunny!!!  The Faerie Festival was waking with the sun and wonderful performers were popping up everywhere.  The vendors were happy and the faerie folk were out to play!  The Homeschool Players were ready and I am pretty sure most parents were ready for this last performance to be done.

Still moist but warm and sunny, the children went on as scheduled.  The performance was fun and well played.

Afterward the families dispersed amongst the fair and found all sorts of interesting fun events to participate in.  Body Art, Faerie Fashion show, Jousting between the knights of the Holly and Oak Kingdoms, and great music. We even had a performance from a few friends from Musica Universalis before the play.  And we were fortunate enough to have been at the beginning of the Green Man march.  What great costumes!

Enjoy the pictures, again!

A Wet Day 1 of Faerie Fest

Set  up in an open circle was a challenge but the kids were up for anything.  They were perfectly flexible!  One  minute to show time and the sky opened up and poured down upon us for the entire performance.  Amazingly, these kids kept plugging along and not one complained, even through close drowning moments!! 😛

We even had an audience.  Wet, but really fun!!  B. had a most memorable moment of creating a huge SPLAT! upon falling to his death.  LOL!  All the Homeschool Players did such a wonderful job.  We are all so proud for them.

Mind you, all actors are getting poured on the entire time!!!  Enjoy the pictures!

A Midsummer Nights Dream performed at Faerie Festival NY

Native American Festival

This last weekend T. and I attended a local small Native American festival.  We walked around the circle of vendors and appreciated all the interesting arts that created lovely beaded, leather, musical, and edible wares.  T. was very fortunate in the fact that normally a couple doesn’t  not allow children under the age of 13 to use a special spear (like a really long arrow), but they allowed him.  He did very well and after all the men folk had finished throwing about fifty of them at the “buffalo”(target of painted plastic) T. helped retrieve them all.

We ate yummy burgers from our friend Ken Millet of Night Eagle Cafe and enjoyed an ice cream from the ice cream truck.  Yeah my tummy paid for that!

The host tribe had two Mother Drums under the arch in the circle, which was really nice.  Two different groups sang and many folks danced.

Seventh Grade Happenings

We finally finished the IOWA testing.  Now, I sit here and wait for the results to show up at my door.    We have been concentrating so much on Mathematics lately, that most everything else has been put aside.  Decimal, Algebra, Geometry, and Fractions have mostly been what we have been working on.  B. has continued to attend rehearsals for the Homeschool groups production of  “A Midsummer’s Dream”.  He is Bottom.  It fits his personality to a tee!!!  He has his lines down, but needs to work on cues.  They will be performing this play twice. Once for a friends and family show and then we are invited to perform at the Faerie Festival.  Our dear friend Bill Thorpe is the spear head of this festival.

B. is also beginning to attend Creative Writing Classes held at the Bundy Museum, taught by our friend LC.  He is going to enjoy this class I think.  If he can let go of spitting out facts and actually try to write fiction that doesn’t involve dungeons and dragons. LOL

We have continued on our Middle Ages studies.  We are beginning to enter into the Era of the Renaissance.    We are still trying to understand how to make Main Lesson Book pages of Beauty rather than boy mess. Sigh.