My Gratitude List….

This is my ongoing list of things I am grateful for in my life.

(Just to start)Things I am Grateful for…

Pell Grants

Paternity Testing


Brian and Lynn the best friends anyone could ever have!

Duct Tape

Friends close by


my Datebook


my camera!!

youtube how-to Videos


Twiggi34 for teaching me dying skills


Quiet moments in between the yelling, whining, pounding times.

S.’s willingness to be crazy enough to Love me.

Yard Sales

My parents living so close by.


Mp3 Players

Gnome Home Video Podcast

Lime and Violet Podcast


Rudolph Steiner



Working Internet Connection


The Princess Bride

My new(to me) Dog


Bloggers willing to share their wealth of knowledge

Friends who visit!

The opportunity to change.

Time in life to experiment with what works and doesn’t work for your family.

Epiphanal(new word!) moments.

When your body talks to you…

For homeschooling parents that step up to organize events for groups, rather than just themselves.

Friend like Bill Thorpe who really care and have us over for fun playdates.

Honesty and openness.

Friends who aren’t fake with me.

Food adventures.



People who initiate events and organize them.

The greatest chef in the world, who happens to be the cutest man in the World.  My man!!

Pamela White and her Koki Goats that she bred to my Boar for my first breeding season.

My Cutest Man Ever!!!

Lizabeth, for teaching me how to knit and believing in me enough to watch her children.  I am truly blessed.

For an extremely creative and individualistic child.

For Facebook to help me keep in touch with my friends.

Mochi!!!  Yummers.

For Ravelry, for pushing me into fun things like swaps. I love new experiences.  I hope I don’t let anyone down.

My MAN!!!

Homeschooling moms who have come before, and had enough energy to write it all out for us.

Having friends I can share my ideas with.

Awareness of my own moods.


Being able to stay home and care for my children.

My parents living close by.

Materials to allow creativity to flourish.

Friends that have been with me as long as time.

Friends that are new to my heart.

(As much as I hate the cold) The season that brings me to turn inwards to find tranquility.

Warm home!

A house full of Avid readers!

Food on my table.

Cardboard Boxes.

Waldorf Moms willing to share.

A man that seems not to understand how good he really is.

All things Fiber!

Sleds on icy days.

Hot water to soothe out cold muscles.

Soup and bread.


Homeschooling moms that actually want to get to gether to do planned activities.

Hand Writing Without Tears.

Kids being distracted from instant gotta have it syndrome, by putting it on their wish list.

Supplementary Social Security for children with Disabilities.

Being Stuck inside on cold days.

Cats amazing ability to survive being run over.



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