My Fathers birthday and a nice surprise.

September 6th is my Fathers birthday.  My brother D., who lives in the same state but we rarely see decided he was going to join us for a little party. My brother is a fulltime Army Soldier.  Currently he is on his fourth tour in Iraq.  His battalion is the most sent out Army Squad in the country.  He has been in the Army since highschool, so we are kind of used to him being deployed for war missions a year at a time.

My family went to a neat Gluten Free Bakery downtown to see if they had any cakes and goodies that we would like to try.  It was nearing the end of the work day for them so we got our yummies discounted and we got a lot of them.  Pricey but oh soooo yummmers!

I picked up a little cake and some lovely flower cookies and decided that is what we would have for dessert after our birthday dinner at my folks.  It was an excellent day getting caught up with my brother and celebrating my dads birthday.  My brother even stopped by our house on the way out of town for a while, since he had never once seen my home.  I heard he liked it. 🙂  I got some nice pics of my parents with him, since it is so rare.

My Big Brother!


It’s been a while

Well, if I have any pictures of anything I might have been doing for the past week and a half, they are still on my camera, so aren’t getting put in this post anyway.  Sorry.  Just been lazy about the picture thing.  Even when I have wanted to take pictures for some event, I would forget until afterward, duh!  Slap me in the head, I know!

I haven’t been all that busy anyway, really.  I have been mostly trying to focus on getting my homeschooling groove back and helping each of the boys get what they need outta of the rest of this years school work.    Next month I am purchasing Teaching Textbook Mathematics Grade 4 for T.’s math next year and B. will be enrolled in Keystone National High or Middle School program for 8/9th grade.  T. and I have been waking to our morning circle time, which has been greatly modified thanks to the sharing from mudmama at .  She brought to light some great circle time work that would really benefit T. greatly in many aspects.  I am going to purchase a couple books soon, The Extra Lesson and Take Time.  Both seem to be packed with really helpful movement exercises that address several difficulties T. presents.  After our circle time, we have managed to get quite a lot of written school work done with the work books.  Today, I actually got him to agree to fill in some of his Main Lesson Book with Titles and drawings of previously worked with Old Testament stories.  Today, he received the letter from Grandmother saying that she will be arriving in two weeks, so let the Native American Studies Commence!  I hope it is fun for him.  B., we are going crazy getting him out of the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance.  I just really needed to go over the last few major points in the late Middles Ages and have him get it down in his Main Lesson Book, before moving on.  I am not sure what I am going to cover quite yet, but I feel we won’t be for wanting for great topics during this time period.   We are also kicking butt in our mathematics.  He really needed a kick in the butt to find the relevance and need of his studies with math.  He finally figured it out and has cranked out his fractions work and picked up Geometry, Algebra and Decimals all at once.  I hope he doesn’t burn out, cause he is really having a good time with it all.  He is loving his construction work with Geometry.  Now, I am also pushing him to create beauty in his Main  Lesson Books, which he has not understood or seen in the past.  So, I ran through lots of websites, including my favorite and local waldorf blog  to show him other work in Main Lesson Books.  I hope it frees his mind up to being more creative with his pages.  It would be really nice to see.  B. has been appointed, Bottom, in the MidSummer Nights Dream homeschool play that will perform this summer in a few locations including!!  I think this is really cool!!  A local friend of the boys, Bill Thorpe and many other folk worked together to create this ren type festival.  We are looking forward to it!!

The boys have been participating in a Gym class located in PA, every Thurs.  It will end soon for the summer, but we are definitely participating next year as well.  They get so much out of this structured fun.  B. is supposed to be obtaining his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do soon, but I am thinking of holding it off until I see more maturity in him.  I don’t think he is ready, even though he may perform the katas correctly and such, I have more value in his discipline than the belt.  So, I must speak with his Master.  I am not fond of talking to folks in general, so instructors of any kind make me even more put off.  It should be interesting to see how long I can procrastinate this discussion.

Bigger News!  T. turned 10 years old on the 21st.  He spent the morning after school work playing at our local Discovery Center.  This weekend we celebrate his birthday with a party!  The theme is knights.  We are having a joust and creating shields.  Slaying a dragon and searching for the Dragons eggs.  Hunting for the hidden treasure.  All will be fun and Gluten Free Casein Free!  It should be fun!!

And!  My dear friend Sander is visiting us from Montreal, Canada for the week!  This makes me very happy.

Must hit the sack now, so I can keep up the pace of school work around here.  Thanks to Gnome Home Radio found at to  help motivate me to get my shite together.

Officially a Mother of a Teenager!

September 27th we celebrated my eldest sons 13th Birthday.  His actual birth date occurred earlier in the month, but we held off on the celebration until the 27th.  He had arranged for a full days worth of events.

First from 1pm through 5pm he would DM(lead) a Dungeons and Dragons game with all his friends age 10 and older.  This part of the day I thought was going to be crazy with screaming and rampaging of villages and such, but surprisingly it took another route through Temples with Golems and such to battle.  It was interesting to say the least.  He found this particular adventure on the site and I think from now on I will have to read the adventures prior to him using them, as at one point all the characters reversed genders and became naked!  LOL  It was really funny!    This ended early so a great game of Capture the Flag ended that session.  They ate lots of Little Pizza pockets and Soda!

For the next part of the day, we had all his friends from all ages join us in family fun with a rousing game of Double Board Twister and create your own cupcakes and lots of music making and board games.  Everyone ate and played.  It was so much fun for all the kids.  I have so much frosting left over!!

I was so grateful for all the families that were able to attend, and we  missed many families that were not able to make it.  We love sharing these special moments in our lives with our friends and family.

Here are some pics from the day.  Our camera chose this day to have its last working moments before joining the pile of broken electronics no longer worth fixing.  So limited pics.

Ben’s 8th Birthday

We had such a fun time this last Friday.  T.’s dear friend Ben had his 8th Birthday!  Paula set up so many fun activities to do and yummy treats for us all.  We played all sorts of games all night and the kids had so much fun we stayed until almost mid-night.  I don’t know how all you late night folks do it.  That was exhausting.

So many pictures were had but these were a few I was able to take.  Enjoy!  I know we did!