Horseback Riding Camp Finale

Friday of last week, T. rode in a show for all the families and friends of the campers.  We had a big lunch then began the show with the little ones being walked around the ring, then the older kids did a pattern involving weaving through cones and figure eights and stopping in specified locations.  So here are the pictures for the Finale performance.


Horseback Riding Camp

This has been a very exciting week for us.  T. began horseback riding camp.  We started with myself attending with him all day long till lunch on Wednesday.  Then I left his side for home and has been that way since.  He had a little hiccup on thursday during a time in which I returned to give medicine.  A large thunderstorm and lightening storm was coming through and a lot of the younger kids were upset.  He followed suite after seeing me.  His tears were subdued by a gameboy type toy offered by another child.  NOT my first choice, but it worked and he successfully managed to stay the entire day on Thursday by himself.  We are on the last day!  Today the schedule is different for the kids since they are eating later with all the families attending to watch the kids in a parade and horse show.  It will be fun!  I hope T. makes it through the day.  There are lots of extra sugars and chocolate being tossed around today which makes things very challenging for T.  I think he will be okay, though.  I am so very excited for his accomplishments this week.  He has learned a little basics for horse riding at walk and trot.  He trail rode and had lessons everyday this week.  I will probably continue to provide ways to ride throughout the summer.

Here are pictures from his camp:


After taking some time to freak out and then end my grudge against the world,  I started to refocus my energies.  My sons anthroposophical doctor was brilliant and suggested that I “try to see a psychiatrist privately and pay out of pocket”. This at first was a ridiculous thought, but then came the rest of the converstaion.  It took a while for this to process in my brain.  “Go a few times a year.”  Okay you could have hit me with a brick at this point and I wouldn’t have felt it.  My brain just took a total 180 at this conclusion. It never occurred to me that since I would be paying privately that I had more control in how many times I would be seeing a doctor with my son, rather than dealing with all the beauracracy of governmental medicine.  I was dumb-founded at this!  Really!  It never occurred to me, REALLY!  So after having a wonderful experience with speaking to one of the psychiatrists, about 40 minutes from home, at which point he was not able to accept T. as a patient due to not accepting Medicaid, still, I found he was extremely helpful and personable.  I called him back and suggested privately paying, maybe quarterly visits.  He was on board with this idea and accepted T. as his patient.  We have to wait till July for our first visit, not that he didn’t have an appointment opening because he did, but due to the fact that I must use T.’s  Supplemental Social security money to pay for these visits and we had no more $ for the month.  Next month is going to be extremely hard financially since we must travel to see the boys father for a couple days, which means no less than six hours of traveling one way.  With gas prices as they are, it is going to take a huge dent from my resources.  They haven’t seen their father since fourth of July last year, ’07.  We also have the rest of horse camp payments and T.’s psychiatrist appointment and extra gas milelage used for B.’s camp(over half an hour away from home daily) and County 4-H fair(daily travel for taking care of animals exhibited).  So I am jammed with extra money needed to survive this next month and have no idea where I am going to get it from.  Even with all the angst about the money, I am still feeling optomistic about July.  I have hopes that things will somehow work out, just not sure how. 😛  It will be a struggle and we will suffer some, but I think we will make it through without too much damage and hopefully the boys won’t notice too much, since I am expelling all of this for the sake of their adventures and health and wellbeing.  I hope I don’t get too stressed out about things when issues arise.  Not sure if any of the above made any sense, but it did in my head. 😛 LOL  I am feeling better and hopeful.  I really need to stay that way.

Dry run!

Okay, so this week we stopped by a Carousel.  There are several open in our local parks at this time of year.  I noticed right away that T. was nervous about getting up high and moving fast.  Now, I am thinking a this point,  “T. wants to go to horseback riding camp for a whole week, which costs a fortune.  How about I actually see if he can do this before paying out the nose for this.”  I spoke to the camp director and set up a half hour trail ride for me and the boys this weekend.  This should give me a good idea if I can keep  him calm enough to ride on a horse and follow directions at the same time.

So, on Sunday I will see if this is acutally going to happen.  If not, then I will have to find another activity he can particpate in that I know for certain he can handle and enjoy. 😛