Chicks are getting BIGGER!


Baby Chicks Update

It has been a little while since we obtained our Comet chicks and they are starting to look funny with all their pin feathers coming out.  They are easily quadrupel the size if not more.  I have m oved them out of my bathroom and into a large wooden container box from S.’s work and placed them on the porch.  Much better!!  I hate the dust chicks produce, it gets everywhere and stinks up the house.  They are eating like crazy!!!  These are fast growers and I can see why.  Ravenous!

Here are tons of pics for your entertainment.

Chicken Hatching Developments

Well, we have successes but we also have a few sad failures.  I won’t go into gorry details but it looks like we are going to lose at least one hatched chick and have had three in process of hatching mysteriously die.

But!  We do have serveral that have hatched and may still hatch.  The black one in the picture is the chick more than likely going to pass away in the next few days.  The two large chicks in the incubator are the suspected cuase of some of the deaths in process.  Enjoy the pictures!