The Love Cruise

Last night we went to a lovely little church’s dinner theater production.  Myself and S. go ever year and it is always a blast.  This year we brought the children with.  The Theme is always a bit different, but this year they totally revamped the concept.  Instead of entering the “diner” we “boarded the cruise ship”.  It was a “Love Cruise”.  Mysteriously, the entire entertainment scheduled for our cruise all came down with food poison.  It was up to the crew and staff to find alternate entertainment for the passengers.  Luckily, they had some Nun’s that were up for the job.  The Captain, was not fond of the entertainment director and pretty set on getting him fired if things did not run smoothly on this voyage.  Boy, was he is dire straights.  Luckily, he had his faithful crew members that were encouraging and helpful.  The entire evening was filled with fun and jokes.  We even won a couple games we played.  I was very fortunate to have won a pet rock, so we didn’t miss our pets as much whilst we were on our cruise. How nice of them!!  Then we won a game of Jeopardy.  MMmmmm….Chocolate.  The dinner was buffet style with fixings for a great picnic.  Salads, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Chips and more.  They had some really nice touches to the evening.  The boats entertainment was themed around the Bicentennial and found a wonderful way to pay tribute to those in attendance that were veterans.  It was very heartwarming and ended with lots of love and caring being shown.  A good tear jerker.

My parents were cooking in the kitchen for this event and afterward we caught up with them, then headed for home.  It was a late evening for us, but always worth it.  I am thankful that my parents think of my family every year and get us tickets to this event.  It isn’t a “payfor” event.  It is donations of food stuffs for the food bank or jst simply a donation as you walk out the door.  It is a really family friendly event that I appreciate yearly.

Enjoy the pictures!!


We had fun with Science!

Saturday the 27th of December, we all took a trip up the Science Center in Ithaca, NY.  This trip was possible only due to our dear freinds, the Chens.  With their lovely holiday card we found two tickets to the museum.  We love going to the museum.  It is hands on and always has something new.

T. took off as soon as we got in the door and I only saw him sporatically throughout the few hours we were there.  S. and B. on the other hand played with everything!  I got lots of pictures.  But as you will notice, S. I think had the most fun out of all of them. hehe

After our time at the museum, we hung out in the commons looking in some of our favorite stores, “AlphebetSoup” which carries many Waldorf Friendly materials, including Stockmar products and german made board games, and “Lets Get Cooking”, which has all sorts of great and sometimes unique cooking utensils, cookware and appliances.  We also enjoy the Used Book Store which has two floors of books floor to ceiling and they are all used and inexpensive.

Stoughton Farm Field Trip

Today, we traveled to Newark Valley to enter one of the greatest Corn Mazes I have ever been to.   The weather was perfectly sunny yet cool.  We entered the barn and collected our trivia questions that suited our individual interests then headed toward the Wall of 38 acres of Corn Stalks.  We had so much fun racing around in circles and trying out all the different ways to find the markers that would direct us to the correct path.  All the questions were fun and challenging.  S. picked out History questions, go figure.  T. chose the toddler set of questions, don’t want to challenge hiself much. 😛  B. Chose television/music questions, not a unique choice for him.  I chose 4-H questions, not on my mind or anything. ( I am holding my first 4-H meeting this week, will be posted more about later.)  This years maze was easier than last year, as the level of frustration by the end of the maze wasn’t nearly as high as last years.  This year was completely joyful and fun.  I appreciated this level of difficulty.

Here are the pics from the farm!