Corning Museum of Glass

On Sunday we swung over to the Corning Museum of Glass to see what all the hype is about.   We found some spectacular art and had a really great glass works show.  What an example of being able to let things go.  Make this beautiful vase in just a few short minutes and then after seeing the finished product, dash it in cold water and shatter it in a million pieces.  Just heart stopping.  I choked.  My camera died, but I think that might have been a good thing.  I would have been in there for years trying to catalog all the wonderful pieces I found the spoke to me.  We even enjoyed some craft time and learned a little about my favorite drawing technique, Stippling.  I particularly enjoyed taking the shuttle to the museum.  Not that the walk was far and I know I should conserve, but there is something about taking little bus rides that makes the trip seem so much more fanciful for me.  The science exhibit of telescope lenses and window glass exhibit and manufacturing bottles exhibit were all really the best part for me.  Really hands on and playful.  Definitely worth the hour and a half drive and the admission fee.  We are planning another trip to enjoy a Hands On Create Your Own glass art project later this year.


Bundy Museum Visit

The Bundy Museum is a local museum that is filled with all sorts of historical artifacts from various collections.  Most importantly it contains the beginning of IBM.   In this museum you see the very beginnings of the industrial era come to  life and the connection to our modern day world.  I was thoroughly impressed that this connection existed in such a nobody area like Binghamton.  I have found that this nobody city has such a huge history in so many avenues, it is truly astounding!  I really feel, that to know your future and your current world, you must examine the past.  Here is where so much history begins.  I don’t mean just at the Bundy Museum, but all over this county.  It holds many hidden historical foundations.  I dare you to explore this area on  your own and find some new pieces of history for yourself.

For obvious economic reasons, the museum is locked up and lights out until you are escorted into the building by a tour guide.   The office to find such a tour guide is in the building next to the museum.  An eclectic sort of folk work here.  I really liked them.  We were brought through the history of the house and all it contents by a really nice guy whom is moving on to greater things soon, so we are fortunate to have been able to have engaged him as our guide for this afternoon.  It was  a privilege.  So, our history covered living as the Bundy family would have lived during the Victorian age as well as seeing exhibits from outside collections, such as a rather large Oriental collection that took up quite a portion of the second floor quarters.  The third floor consisted of an artist gallery of a local photographer and the acoustics room that was richly painted and built perfectly to reflect true sound from the midpoint of the room back upon yourself for self examination of your musical talent.  It was beautiful.  The basement held treasures from Africa.  And some fine works by the Picasso collection that was heavily influenced at that time by African art entering Europe. The main level held Mr. Bundy’s time pieces and a collection of other period time pieces and time period pieces to show living conditions during the Victorian era.  The wood work throughout the house was really outstanding and it’s most fascinating feature.  I wish I had taken pictures of the lovely cauffered wood paneled ceilings.  All just lovely!! and ORIGINAL!!  As was all the wood working through out the house.  Stunning!  Myself and the boys really enjoyed our tour there and B. may provide some volunteer work, if allowed.   B. will begin taking a creative writing course that will be occurring at the Bundy Museum beginning this week.  I am sure the many pieces will give the children so much inspiration for their stories.

Attack of the Blood Suckers!!!

Today we joined up with the Chens once again for a fun field trip to Ithaca’s Childrens Science Center.  This is the last week of an exhibit all about ticks and mesquitos and other blood sucking insects.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch upon arrival and then ran off some of those calories in the playground.  Once a little energy was burnt off from the long car ride, we entered into the exhibits and had lots of fun exploring everything.

We had a ton of fun!  There was lots of fun stuff to get our hands on.  The perfect location for highly distractable boys!  I hope the next exhibit is just as fun.  I am totally getting my monies worth for this Boonshoft Membership!!

Syracuse Zoo Visit

Yesterday, the 29th, we finished up our lessons after a rocky start and picked up our dear friends, the Chens, for a day at the Zoo.  An hour drive is tough for the little ones, but they made it all the way.  The syracuse Zoo is bigger than our RossPark Zoo, but not by too much.  We had a yummy GFCF lunch I made for the boys and.  I brought a lot of snacks and so did Leigh.  We were prepared!!  We both are GF, but for different reasons.

I am totally loving my Boonshaft Museam Membership!  I get in so many places with this membership; Zoos, Museums, Childrens Museums and  Science Museums!

The MOST Fun!!

Happy New Year!!

On the First on January, we decided to take trip North using S.’s new GPS toy!  We went to a yummy restaurant, than proceeded to the MOST Science Museum in Syracuse.  It was really fun, with so many activities to get involved in.  We, of course, lost T. in the Huge Indoor Playground area for most of the time, whilst I had fun watching my two big boys play amoungst the exhibits.

We interuptted our play with our first IMAX show.  We watched The Polar Express on IMAX.  How Cool was THAT!!!!  So big.  So Loud.  So close to everything!  It was naueating the entire time and I probably won’t go out of my way to ever see one again, but having the experience was worth it, once.  We didn’t realize the limited hours the museum is open for(10am-5pm) so we had to cut play short, which was such a bummer.  We certainly plan on going back, and I hope soon.  Per usual, S. I think, had the most fun!!!

I wish all of you a very special and rewarding New Year!

Stoughton Farm Field Trip

Today, we traveled to Newark Valley to enter one of the greatest Corn Mazes I have ever been to.   The weather was perfectly sunny yet cool.  We entered the barn and collected our trivia questions that suited our individual interests then headed toward the Wall of 38 acres of Corn Stalks.  We had so much fun racing around in circles and trying out all the different ways to find the markers that would direct us to the correct path.  All the questions were fun and challenging.  S. picked out History questions, go figure.  T. chose the toddler set of questions, don’t want to challenge hiself much. 😛  B. Chose television/music questions, not a unique choice for him.  I chose 4-H questions, not on my mind or anything. ( I am holding my first 4-H meeting this week, will be posted more about later.)  This years maze was easier than last year, as the level of frustration by the end of the maze wasn’t nearly as high as last years.  This year was completely joyful and fun.  I appreciated this level of difficulty.

Here are the pics from the farm!