Day 2: Goat Babies!!


Today I am a Grandmother!

What?  How is this possible, you say?!  Her children are 10 and 13!  No.  It is not what you are thinking and I hope that may never be ther case.

Tonight,(as I was getting ready to leave the house for a chance away from the children) my goats began the kidding process.  The youngest goat was the first bred this winter and she gave birth to two kids tonight.  It was not the most graceful of birthing processes, I must say.  Kinda gross, as a matter of fact.  She wasn’t quite letting go of the placenta and I had to help with that, but later on she finally expelled the rest.

She had one buck(male) and one doe(female).  She had no idea what to do with them, other than clean them and call to them to imprint.  She took a really long time and so did the kids to figure out how to go about nursing.  She did finally figure it out, but it is clearly going to be touch and go with her.  I will have to watch carefully to make sure they are getting fed.  I stuck her and the newborns in a kidding pen in hopes of less moving about, so they have a better chance to suckle.

All in all, a successful first kidding.  I was surprised.  It totally figured she would have them at the very moment that I had an opportunity to finally get out of my house with out my children for a little while.  I will have to find another way for that to happen on another day.  Hopefully, these babes will thrive.  I am exhausted and stinky.  I must shower and hit the sack.

Enjoy the pictures.  There will be more in the morning, but these were the initial shots as we found them in the barn this evening.

Catching up…

I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  I had a terrible head cold.  I am recovered, though.  We’ll play catch up with this post.

Friday, we had a fun time at the Discovery Museum.  We went there for a presentation of the Gingerbread houses that were submitted by various groups in the area.  Our homeschooling group got to gether to create a Victorian house of Gingerbread.  It turned out very colorful and bright looking.  We were going to stay for a choral concert after taking an hour to play around the Hands-on Discovery Museum, but we got side tracked with the thought of a Senators Hockey game.  So we we exited quickly before the concert began and ran to the arena.  It was a game between the B-Sens an RI or Conn.  Can’t remember now.  The game rocked!!  We had no defense on our side and allowed two goals before the first period ended.  Changed Goalies and proceeded to fight all the way through the game to tie in the last minute.   We got to see a Shoot Out!!!  It was truely exciting!  We knew two other families attending the game it was really nice to see them in between periods and at the end of the game.   The boys had a great time.  We sat next to elderly ladies whom had season tickets and were very enthusiastic about the game.  T. got to join in with their revelry and blow up bags of confetti they brought with them and rang big cow bells through out the game.  It was funny!  I wish I had my camera for all this.

Saturday, me and the boys headed out early to a Holiday Craft making event at my local UU.  The boys made several items for family and friends as well as out tree and alter.  They even made grammy gifts.  I got some knitting done.

Sunday, we had our goats picked up so they could meet their new boyfriend.  We are having them bred with Kikos.  A hearty meat breed.  They will be gone from anywhere to one week to 6 weeks.  It all depends on how quickly they get “aqcuainted” with the boys.  I feel wierd not having them in the barn.

I am going to pick up some sheep skins intact with fleece from a man who slaughtered our chickens this year for us.  He was not going to do anythig with them and I knew I could get some nice fleece out of this if done right, so Iam giving it a try.  Will let y ou know the results.

I am very excited to have found a very nice shoppe in KY called A Stones Throw.  They can be found online.  I purchased much merino roving for a $1 an ounce.  I am so going crazy with possiblities.  I have already spun about half a spool full.    It is much different than the shetland and alpaca that I have spun in the past.  Will have pics soon.  Check back!

We just found out today that B. won a magazine contest from Game Trade Magazine.  He entered it a month ago in hopes  of obtaining a package of Minatures from World of Warcraft.  They called today to confirm our address and to let me know of its arrival time.  I will hopefully get pics of him recieving it and will post them here.

Yesterday, me and B. joined out Teen Homeschooling group in baking 12 doxen cookies for a Social Awareness presentation regarding afganistan being held that evening.  Surpirsingly, I forgot to take pictures, but I was very ill, so I blame the fogginess on the cold.  The teens took all the recipes and got to work.  They didn’t really need any h elp from us adults at all.  We got the luxury of sitting and chatting and knitting.  It was relaxing.  But from that point on in my day, I was pretty out of it.

Been in held cold fog since.  Broke down and took Nyquil and slept in today till 9am!!!  But my body didn’t quite wake up until about 3pm.  Tonight I feel so much better!!!  I will take a picture of our Advent Spiral we are making this year, later tonight.  Last week our focus was on stone, this weeks it is on plants.  I think you will like to the idea I cam e up with to follow our stone path. 😉

Saturday’s adventures

Saturday began with me forcing myself awake after partying till midnight, at 7:ooam.  I had to be out the door by 8:15am for a Goat Pasture Walk/Famache Training.  The boys were still asleep when I was picked up by my goat and alpaca friend, Sharon H.  We were seated in a cold garage with many other farming folks, then presented an extemely educational lecture/powerpoint by Dr. Cameen, Vet.  It was absolutely wonderful to learn about all the species of parasite infestations that occur with in our animals and how to detect them.  We were allowed to bring a sample of fecal matter to have an Egg count taken.  I was surprised to find my animals need to be treated but nothing horrible.  We then had a nice lunch and walked around the farm that was hosting the event and learned how they managed their goat program.  It was great to get together with folks that have an interest in raising goats for breeding and meat.  There was lots of brainstorming for market resources and such while we were walking around.

I am very thankful to the Norwich and Binghamton CCE folk, Janet and Brian for putting this together.

After goat stuff, I arrived home around 3:30pm to a quite house.  My family had gone swimming for a couple hours again.  As soon as they arrived, we packed up the boys and we off to my parents home.  They were sitting for us so we could have a night out. 

I brought S. to the Cranberry Coffee house for a concert by Amy Gallatin.  It was fun and more country than I had expected, but still some amazing musicians.  We enjoyed our time and yummy pies.  At mid-night we arrived home with the boys and sacked out!  Good day overall!

We are family!

These beautiful girls are the newest addition to our farm.  We found them in Newark Valley from a nice farming family who is changing from Boer/saanen to nubians.  I am still in the process of settng up their new home.  They still need a hay rack and grain feeder for the stall and run-in. I have to build the run-in in our back pasture.  I need to run three lines of electrical wire in the pasture all along the inside of our fence.

So we have lots to do yet, but they seem happy in their new home so far.