Having fun with the Family – B-Sens Hockey

May 2015

Knocking teeth out. Blood on the ice. Darth Vadar on the runway.


Okay, we had lots of fun this winter and early spring at our favorite local hockey teams arena. I brought my parents a few time and we got to see some gruesome action on the ice. We also had a great time at the Start Wars event they held before the game. T. even got pictures with several of the characters.




Friday, we entered our home teams arena not as simply fans, but as homeschoolers.  We were going to watch the practice and take a tour of the building.  It was fun to see the Binghamton Senators practice and neat to see the maintenance area and getting close up with the Zamboni.  All the kids had great fun.

After the tour, I took B. and his friend TC. to play Dungeons and Dragons with several other teens, while I got ready with T. for our second appearance at the arena scheduled for later than evening.

We were selling raffle tickets for our local Cornell Cooperative Extension at the arena during the game.  It was fun. The boys got to see the game while I manned the table.  We didn’t sell many, but it was still worth it, to see the game.  The team sucked and we ruined our chances to make it in the playoffs, but the fights were awesome.

Binghamton Senators!!!!

On the 17th of Jan.  We ventured on a quest to see a Hockey game.  Getting the tickets were a drag. The online service kept giving only the highest row seats and the same with the automated phone service.  So after many tries to get seats that won’t send me into an anxiety attack, I said “Fine!  I’ll sit up there!  I need to see a game.”  So we took the seats, even though I knew I was gonna freak.  Well, I didn’t know just how bad it was going to be up there in Nosebleed land.  The side I was picturing of the arena when purchasing said tickets had box seats behind us.  The side we were seated at had a railing and a gaping cavern to the first floor behind us.  So I couldn’t turn left or right cause I would have an instant vertigo attack that would set off my anxiety attacks.  It was entertaining to say the least.  Especially when people had to squeeze by us and we needed to hold the railing to move out of the way.  None-the-less, I was freaking out the whole time.  Sinking in my seat, drinking as much beer as I could possibly consume in the short time, and munching on everything passed my way, trying not to move or cry.

Other than that, the Game ROCKED!!!  So many fights!!!  Yes, that is the really good part of hockey!  Within the first minute of the game they had the biggest fight I had seen in many years!!!!  During half-time, a kid got to shoot a puck through a five inch whole in the goalie net and the little kids DID IT!!!  He won $1000 for it!  Apparently, from what others have said, it had not been won in a long time.  There was lots of great plays and fast moving young players.  good game all around!

Catching up…

I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  I had a terrible head cold.  I am recovered, though.  We’ll play catch up with this post.

Friday, we had a fun time at the Discovery Museum.  We went there for a presentation of the Gingerbread houses that were submitted by various groups in the area.  Our homeschooling group got to gether to create a Victorian house of Gingerbread.  It turned out very colorful and bright looking.  We were going to stay for a choral concert after taking an hour to play around the Hands-on Discovery Museum, but we got side tracked with the thought of a Senators Hockey game.  So we we exited quickly before the concert began and ran to the arena.  It was a game between the B-Sens an RI or Conn.  Can’t remember now.  The game rocked!!  We had no defense on our side and allowed two goals before the first period ended.  Changed Goalies and proceeded to fight all the way through the game to tie in the last minute.   We got to see a Shoot Out!!!  It was truely exciting!  We knew two other families attending the game it was really nice to see them in between periods and at the end of the game.   The boys had a great time.  We sat next to elderly ladies whom had season tickets and were very enthusiastic about the game.  T. got to join in with their revelry and blow up bags of confetti they brought with them and rang big cow bells through out the game.  It was funny!  I wish I had my camera for all this.

Saturday, me and the boys headed out early to a Holiday Craft making event at my local UU.  The boys made several items for family and friends as well as out tree and alter.  They even made grammy gifts.  I got some knitting done.

Sunday, we had our goats picked up so they could meet their new boyfriend.  We are having them bred with Kikos.  A hearty meat breed.  They will be gone from anywhere to one week to 6 weeks.  It all depends on how quickly they get “aqcuainted” with the boys.  I feel wierd not having them in the barn.

I am going to pick up some sheep skins intact with fleece from a man who slaughtered our chickens this year for us.  He was not going to do anythig with them and I knew I could get some nice fleece out of this if done right, so Iam giving it a try.  Will let y ou know the results.

I am very excited to have found a very nice shoppe in KY called A Stones Throw.  They can be found online.  I purchased much merino roving for a $1 an ounce.  I am so going crazy with possiblities.  I have already spun about half a spool full.    It is much different than the shetland and alpaca that I have spun in the past.  Will have pics soon.  Check back!

We just found out today that B. won a magazine contest from Game Trade Magazine.  He entered it a month ago in hopes  of obtaining a package of Minatures from World of Warcraft.  They called today to confirm our address and to let me know of its arrival time.  I will hopefully get pics of him recieving it and will post them here.

Yesterday, me and B. joined out Teen Homeschooling group in baking 12 doxen cookies for a Social Awareness presentation regarding afganistan being held that evening.  Surpirsingly, I forgot to take pictures, but I was very ill, so I blame the fogginess on the cold.  The teens took all the recipes and got to work.  They didn’t really need any h elp from us adults at all.  We got the luxury of sitting and chatting and knitting.  It was relaxing.  But from that point on in my day, I was pretty out of it.

Been in held cold fog since.  Broke down and took Nyquil and slept in today till 9am!!!  But my body didn’t quite wake up until about 3pm.  Tonight I feel so much better!!!  I will take a picture of our Advent Spiral we are making this year, later tonight.  Last week our focus was on stone, this weeks it is on plants.  I think you will like to the idea I cam e up with to follow our stone path. 😉