Summer Solstice

I wonder what good will come of this day?!  This is my mantra for today.  I need a little boost in motivation and inspriation since all this grey weather has settled over the northeast for the last week and doesn’t seem to be going away.

I am happy to report that my garden is growing with leaps and bounds! I have broccoli heads the size of my fist!!!  My corn is sprouting.  My tomato plants are getting abnormally large.  Some Jalepeno peppers are now more than three inches long.  My strawberry plants are forming beautiful berries.  Flowers around my yard are in full bloom and really help brighten up the surroundings.  We even had the luck to see a beautiful Hummingbird outside my front window.

I am looking forward to a day outside.  Hiking this morning!  I have yet to go to this particular park so I get to be just as my children with its newness.  I really enjoy that feeling of “Aw.” when you find new trails and interesting objects along the way.  I hope to get lots of pictures today of all that we see and do.

I am also excited to report that after four cancellations from the stable we finally managed to do a test run with T. on a horse.  We went on a half an hour trail ride and we all had fun and T. managed his horse and his fears wonderfully!  He liked the whole experience!  He is really excited about camp now even more than before.  We are still working out details as to which weekend would best suite him as they are still awaiting the late ruch they usually get of camp sign-ups.  We wil place him in with the smallest group so he can have more individual attention.  I have such high hopes for this summer experience.  I hope not too high. 😛

Anyway, I am off now to go play outside for the day!  Enjoy your Summer Solstice