Feathered Drum

I was gifted time with a herd of Feathered Drum Horses. These majestic large breed horses are gentle and expressive.

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Horseback Riding Camp

This has been a very exciting week for us.  T. began horseback riding camp.  We started with myself attending with him all day long till lunch on Wednesday.  Then I left his side for home and has been that way since.  He had a little hiccup on thursday during a time in which I returned to give medicine.  A large thunderstorm and lightening storm was coming through and a lot of the younger kids were upset.  He followed suite after seeing me.  His tears were subdued by a gameboy type toy offered by another child.  NOT my first choice, but it worked and he successfully managed to stay the entire day on Thursday by himself.  We are on the last day!  Today the schedule is different for the kids since they are eating later with all the families attending to watch the kids in a parade and horse show.  It will be fun!  I hope T. makes it through the day.  There are lots of extra sugars and chocolate being tossed around today which makes things very challenging for T.  I think he will be okay, though.  I am so very excited for his accomplishments this week.  He has learned a little basics for horse riding at walk and trot.  He trail rode and had lessons everyday this week.  I will probably continue to provide ways to ride throughout the summer.

Here are pictures from his camp: