I feel so preoccupied.  I am busily working on my garden whenever the weather doesn’t melt me; Cleaning our porch from the animals and “no where else to put it syndrome” hit this winter; working on getting the goats pasture ready; preparing for T.’s dedication ceremony at church; messing with T.’s meds to manage his aggression;  preparing for next years schooling;  preparing for this summers camps and lesson blocks; getting our first YMCA membership; playgroups; fiber fests and meetings; playdates; getting a new physcial therapist; trying to figure out how I can get on medicaid;  figuring out the system to obtain respite care;  desiring to visit my family and beign burdened into seeing my childrens other half of the family; cleaning, feeding and moving chickens, goats and dogs; figuring out what I am going to do with one out of eight kittens that needs medical care; rabies shots overdue for each dog and licenses all due for the town; desiring more yarn and tools to work with it; rearranging the house to fit our changing needs as my edlest hits his teens; always procrastinating cleaning my floors( I mean ALL my floors)…..

I just want to breathe.


Pleasant Day

This may sound odd but I have not said those words in years, until yesterday.  I have had pleasant times and hours and half hours, but a whole day is rare indeed.  I took my time writing up my blogs in the morning and the boys played gently till I was through.  Then I remembered I had wanted to attend a Fiber gathering that occurs at Sharon H.’s farms every Monday.  It started an hour before I realized this.  I called and was graciously invited over with my children.  Of course, I immediately had confrontation between the boys so I left one behind and took T. with me.  I arrived at her lovely relaxing farm and sat down and chatted and showed her alpaca roving I had been working on with the drop spindle.  I learned about tringle looms while there, too.  T. played with the goats and dogs and cats outside and roamed around the farm and played with some building toys and board games.  He was relaxed.  Regina M. and H. and J. joined us and spun on the wheels for a while and we all chatted and just relaxed.  It was warm outside when we left at 3:00pm!  I felt happy!  Comfortable!  Relaxed!  These are not normal conditions from me.  Even my Small Group Ministry meeting was successful for T. and myself.  Our topic was Overcommittment.  What interesting aspects come with such a loaded topic.  I have found that I am much less overcommitted this year than last year and was forced into that position by T.’s crisis’.  This is a very postive thing for me, as I was queen of overcommitment but now I can say “no” much more easily now, though it still comes with some flavor of guilt some times.  That will be recified some day.

A Roaring Success!!

At least I think so!  T’s Birthday party was absolutely fabulous!  We had such a great Reptile and Mammal show, even though it was a little later than planned.  The friends were fantastic!  The ice cream was fun and delicious and surprisingly the cake was yummy!!  I am exhausted by not just the party but the preperations for our trip that occurred after everyone had left the party.  So I will leave you all hanging for now with a simple but ever so grateful THANK YOU!!!!

More to come this week hopefully with pictures!

Long week

It has been three days without S. home.  He has been on a business trip out to Seattle, WA.  He really likes it there.  He has been introduced to a neat restaraunt that serves your food to you raw that you cook on a really hot stone on the table.  The dogs are all depressed becuase “daddy” isn’t here.

I can’t seem to find my groove within my days like I usually do when he must go overnight anywhere on business.  Although!  I did manage to remove all important emails from Incredimail and uninstall that software completely.  I am hoping that our computer will be runnin gmuch more smoothly from now on.

I just worry that I didn’t set up Outlook correctly.  We will see.

Today at playgroup with the boys was fun and interesting.  T. was role playing a violent and evil guy against the other children, per usual, until I go thim interested in Thomas the Tank Engine toys that occupied him for the remiander of the time.  Whew!  B. had a great time playing with his dear friend Tim, whom had been on a really nice vacation by train for the last two weeks.  I wasn’t up to or really able to attend to adult conversation as I new it was one of those days I would have to watch T. like a hawk.  I hope to find more time later to connect with the families at some other time.

T. is once again doing his written work as I write and is enjoying the tasks he is asked to do.  Yeah!

B. has dissapeared into the depths of his room reading more D&D books.  Slightly obsessed.

I am exhausted from working at the computer all day and following T. around at playgroup, so I will be hoping for an early bedtime tonight.

I am so thankful for the warm weather for the last couple days.