On the Way

These are just two pics from the hotel we stayed in on the way to Iowa.  Nothing exciting.

The boys enjoyed the hotel.  It had cable! 😛  We stayed in Sandusky. (sp?)  The next day we were supposed to stop after about 350 miles to check in to another hotel but I just couldn’t stop while it was still daylight, so I pushed through.  It hurt my entire body to drive that far, but it was worth finally being home.


Moving Moving Moving….Rawhide!!

Today is the Day!!  The packers and movers are here and my entire house is filling up with huge boxes, filled with all my possessions.  Boy, I have a lot of s**t!!

T. is at the grandparents, this morning.  This will keep him outta my hair and the movers way.  B. is hanging out here and when I have to run errands, he stays with the packers to supervise.  Later they will go to my super friends, the Rayne family for the afternoon, then we will have dinner with them tonight.  It will be nice.

I have already gone to the dump four times this week, including a run this morning.  Loews has been visited more times than I have done in a years time living here.

Sunday night and Monday, my dear friends and professional cleaners, come in to clean up the house to have it show ready.  Then if I can hand over the key to a real estate agent, I will be on my outta town by that evening or Tuesday morning at the very latest.

I am not fond of being here with out S. and I really hate feeling as though I am homeless.  It is weird staying in a house that I have already emotionally disconnected from and have gotten ready for someone else to live in.  Even though we are renting a house on the other end of this trip, I still feel it’s  my new home already.  I haven’t even been there, ever!  But this in between feeling is driving me crazy.  I need to settle in to my new house pronto, so I can relax.  It feels like its been months and months since I have truly rested and relaxed.

Well, once everything is gone I will begin loading up my car and take pictures of my empty house.

Anyone want to buy a lovely 3 bedroom house in upstate ny??  😛

Preparing for the Move.

Throughout the week of Thanksgiving and then some we found ourselves painting each and every room in the house.  While this process was proceeding, we were also half-assed packing stuff up and moving it outta the way, to make way for new Carpets that were put down on the 30th.  It has bee a mad house around here!  I am very thankful to Jacqui and Robert Rayne and their lovely girls that came over to spend an entire day painting the walls in my house with us.  They worked themselves into a puddle of mud.  I know we went to bed every night achy and dead tired.  I am so incredibly lucky to have them in my lives.  They understand what it means to be friends and be in a community.  Their isn’t a whole lot out there I could think of that I wouldn’t do for those folks and I am pretty sure they feel that way about most folks they meet and know.  It is going to be the most difficult thing, leaving them behind.  With so much still needing to be done to ensure their home and health, it is going to be so hard to be so far away and helpless.  Not my favorite feeling!

A BIG Thank you to the Rayne Family for Helping us Paint!!

Now I must clean up messes of paint spots, clean floors, replace caulking, and separate all we are going to storage and all that is going in the car/airplane with us to the hotel.  Much work to be done.  S. leaves tomorrow and that makes me anxious and sad.  I don’t know how I am going to get out there or when.  All I know is all my stuff is being picked up on the 12th by packers and then I don’t know what. <shrugs>  We’ll see, I guess.  I feel sorry for the dogs.  The trip is going to be rough on them.  Staying in hotels with dogs isn’t so easy.  they usually have to be kenneled until you get home from work, if you are not in the room, so we have their cages.  Snoopy won’t mind so much, but Fiona will loose her mind!!  She is usually out roaming her acreage lazily all day long.  Days will be long stuffy and small.  My poor baby. 😦

But when I arrive it will all be better since, I will be their and be taking her out for walkies often!!!  That means no time in the kennel unless I must go out, if that.  🙂  I don’t mind us needing to be out there and think it will be a pretty neat adventure.  I hope for the best, but its the actually process of moving that just bites!!  I need someone to point to some shiney bright spot I am missing about the process of moving.  I would really appreciate it.  End results are going to be wonderful, but what is wonderful about this particular climb?  Anyone???

Playing Catch up.

Well, many hard decisions were made and we have concluded we are moving to Cedar Rapids Iowa.  This is a huge change for us.  I have never lived outside New England, so I am more nervous than S. whom grew up not too far from our new destination.  The boys are excited for only one reason.  We will be within 4 hours of my dearest and best friend Lynnie.  We all love!!!! her, so I am excited to finally get to live near her as well.

Before I get to caught up in the now…let me back track a little and show these fine examples of our Samhain celebrations this year.  For those whom might not know, Samhain is the Pagan Sabbath, that falls upon All Hollows Eve, or Halloween!!!  It is one of my all time favorite holidays.  We invited my parents over for our Dumb Supper(eating in silence in honor of our ancestors, leaving a table setting and plate full of goodness for them, afterward leaving it outside for the animals to enjoy or wandering spirits;).  Afterward, the boys bobbed for donuts hanging from a string attached to the ceiling.  This could go on for hours and the laughter never ends!!  We held no rites this year, which felt very weird especially as we had so many recent deaths in our family, but I was able to personally take some time to remember and “talk to them” and it was incredibly uplifting for me.  Then came the onslaught of Halloween Movie Marathon!!  Our tradition.

Earlier in the week, the boys attended a fun Halloween party at our UU Church.  We carved our pumpkins early so we could enter them into the contest.  All were really great.  I loved mine the best.  It just made me laugh everytime I saw it.

Now onto the next post!