New Year!





Today is Imbolc. We celebrate this day having a variety of dairy nom noms, creative arts projects, and planting goals.
We had cheese spread and lemon curd on toast for breakfast.
Then we made felted soap.
We then had a lunch of too many types of cheese to list and veggies and summer sausage.
Later we planted our goals, by planting a seed for each goal we are working on this year, then lighting candles for each. We will tend the growth of our seeds just as we will tend our accomplishments this year.
Dinner was part fresh baked bread and luscious fresh fluffy butter!!! Oh so good!!

Today we survived a blizzard. Snow sucks but finally road maintenance figured out how to clear roads!!!!! Still need to learn the value of salt, but pavement seen immediatly after a snow storm is unheard of!!! It was amazing!!!


Spring is Sprung!!

Finally!!  I have waited far too long to see the beginnings of spring.  From the beginning of March I was astounded to see Spring rush in with full force.  All of a sudden we were experiencing 50 degree days and no snow in sight.  It was glorious!  I have already planted spinach and lettuce in a few small garden/flower bed I cleaned out around the new house.  I have taken several days and done mostly nothing but sit in the sun and watch T. play outside.  I got a nice sunburn the very first day!  I just can’t get enough SUN!!!

So quickly the terrain around my home changed and with it brought the most gorgeous birds. I have been having such fun watching and listening to them all.

Today, the First Day of Spring, was celebrated Ostara, the Spring Equinox.  The boys woke long before dawn and let us sleep for quite some time before I finally gave in to wakefulness.  5:30am I followed the trial of bunny poo(jelly beans) downstairs to the livingroom to find the boys enjoying some candy from the baskets the Magick Hare left them and playing a board game called Isuro that I had purchased the previous day.  We played a good game and then the boys chose one of the ten Dvd’s that the Hare had left along with the baskets.  We sat and watched movies while the sun began to rise in the east.

After several hours, we set the boys outside for an egg hunt.  Mind you, after all this fabulous weather, overnight we had a huge drop in temperature and 3 inches of snow dropped from the sky to line the earth once again with white.   Freezing temperatures and camouflaged eggs dropped randomly over a two acre wooded lot, three inches of snow!  Yes, it was very evil!  They hadn’t even found the majority of them, before giving up and agreeing to look again later in warmer weather.  By then, I am sure, the squirrels would have all taken them away.  They seemed pretty busy out there as soon as we were inside.   As the boys found the eggs, they placed an offering for the birds of seed mixture.  I took a rather large bag and spread it throughout the yard.  As the temperatures grew and the snow melted away the numerous birds came out to feast.  It was such a delight to see hundreds of birds all over the yard and in the trees.

Afternoon came and went, and S. began preparing.  What, I had no idea, but he was busy for most of the day in the kitchen.  Finally, at dinner time we were pleasantly surprised with spinach ricotta meatball stuffed shells and cheese.  It was lovely.

I am really looking forward to seeing what else Spring brings us.  Happy Ostara!!


What a great day and evening!

We enjoyed Lovely crepes for breakfast at our favorite restaurant, “Crepes Heaven”, then grabbed our donuts and cider from the Cider Mill, for the evening events.  I was spoiled rotten! by an expensive trip to the yarn shop!  Someone wanna come over and teach me how to make socks?!  Afterwards we began our carving.  We had many pumpkins to carve to set alight.  It was long and labourous but fun.  The results are too humorous.  We had our Dumb Supper of Hotdogs, Brown Bread, and baked beans.  Our animals went crazy over our offering plate we placed under a lovely evergreen tree.  We followed our meal with a ritual to leave past negative events behind us and wishes for this next new year.  After taking some time to digest dinner, we took out our apples and filled a bucket of water with purple koolaid mix and bobbed for apples.  Each year it is funny to note the kids forget the process needs full face immersion. LOL  Then we promptly moved onto bobbing for Donuts.  We hung them from a string and let each one have a turn to grab the donut with eyes closed and open mouths.  It is always a good laugh!  This year we didn’t bring out any divination tools, such as my tarot or did any rune making.  The atmosphere was different this year.  As S. prepared the labourous work of popcorn balls, I began our movie marathon with Alvin and the Chipmunks halloween shows and then onto Disney’s Hocus Pocus.  It was a good evening.  And of course, T. got sick at 1:45am that morn.  Totally predictable, as we encountered illness last Samhain as well, and we saw the cycle begin again that day.

Side note:  I would have had this all posted sonner, but we all fell to illness the next two days with the Flu.