Lego Playdate

On the first of April, we joined our dear friend Billy Thorpe for a Lego playdate.  Here are a couple creations that the boys were playing with and some shots of the boys being boys…..ogggling over boxes of Legos.  I am not even noticed taking the pictures.


April 3rd 2009

Our day started off in the usual manner of slowly rising and eating breakfast.  I  went through our list of ToDo’s in my head and decided before we go to our scheduled knitting lesson/playdate in the afternoon we should get some grocery shopping done.

We are changing our families diet over to a Gluten Free Casien Free Diet.  I am hoping that this change might help gives us better results with T.’s behavior and gut issues and all around be better for us health wise.  This change is huge.   We are all cheese and bread lovers in this house and are going to have to move through our emotional attachments to these foods together. I am not one to lean on during a craving, so this should make for some interesting exchanges between myself and the boys.  I am not sure how much support I am getting for my other half. but I do hope  we are all venturing into this diet with the intention of the enitre household being GFCF.  I really want to make every effort into this change.  I need a full trial over the next few years to see if this is going to make a difference for the better or not.  More than anything I need this HOPE!  My inner self is dark and dreary and tired.  I need some light hopful actions to keep my spirit intact.  Which as of late has n ot been the case.

While shopping we were encouraged to find several items on our list at our local grocer.  This bodes well for our pocketbook.  There are still other items we will have to find at other locations, but I feel quite satisfied by our initial effort to replace some goods in our cabinets this day.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have my rice milk back in my fridge.  I have been going too mong without it.  I love the light cold drink.  It really eases my tummy knowing I can drink this without having bloating and pains.  So yummy!!

Afterward we headed out to our dear friends, LC and her boys TC and OC.  It was my knitting lesson day!!  YEAH!!  I am know on the gusset of my sock and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see this becoming a real sock.  One I whole heartedly intend on wearing.  I am going to start the second one soon, so my lessons are refreshed as I go and I really need to purchase the book “Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch.  What a great guide.  The boys played fairly well and we had a few incidents that got my hair up but nothing out of the ordinary for my boys.  Still prety frustrating.  I enjoy learning from LC and chatting with her.  Grown up friends are hard to find and harder to enjoy since we all seem so busy these days.

I love this little tree in LC’s living room and have actually wanted a large plant for my indoor living spaces, too.  It is really cute, but I can’t stop myself from thinking it needs little gnomes and fairies and such all around it hidden in the branches and sitting at its base.  But everytime I walk out the door I forget about it.  Today, I am taking a picture so I will remember my thoughts and begin working towards making some little nuggets for the tree.

On our way over, the radio was going on and on about a shooting and streets being closed off.  When I actually focused my attention to the announcement I realized it was going on about my local civic center and here I am heading directly for that area of town for my knitting lesson.  This was somewhat shocking.  I knew I could not enter the area from the way we normally take with out running into overflow traffic from re-routing, so I called and received directions from another way.  We were only a mile from the shooting of 14 people.  We listened to the radio and checked our local news paper online for updates.  It was pretty nerve racking when we began receiveing calls from out of state regarding our safety and such, since it had apparently hit national news.  This was bigger than I thought.  Even President Obama and his wife had been in contact with our local leaders.  That was surprising.  We were safe the entire time as only the block in which the civic center resided was lockdown and all other locations were secluded from any effect.  I feel our government agencies handled the situation the best they could.   Just wish we knew what set the man off.  Maybe we could learn from this and avoid possible situations like this from occuring.

From what we heard during the Address given after the incident by the governer and other officials, this type of shooting has occured several times in the last month all over our country.  People are getting scared, hopeless, and angry at our current economical situation and I fear we are just seeing the beginnings of what can come of someone who has lost everything.  I can only hope we resolve our countries issues with out the rage and violence that we are seeing lately.

A Little Hope!

A Little Hope!

Another Day

For the last couple of days I have been working on my Three Scarf Ruana and am finally getting to the point within the first piece, that I can call it half way completed. Not the entire project just one third of it, half way complete. I never thought it would take this long to simply knit 35″ of scarf but damn it really does!! I am looking forward to seeing how this will all look when finally completed. It is worth the time and effort if I can just get it right and functional.
Today, I put it aside again, so I could work on Ali K.’s order of three skeins. Almost have one skein spun and ready to ply. Yay! I am now using my smaller ration flyer and am proud of that fact. I hope it means I have become more efficient in my spinning, because on the larger flyer it was just taking to long to twist the fiber for me. I actually received compliments today about my spinning that made me feel good. Not from some one I would have expected nor someone that spins herself, but is observant. I think that is really neat. I am not good at receiving compliments but I am working on it, so instead of buttoning my mouth I tried to just go ahead and talk a little about what I was currently working with. It worked. I didn’t totally choke, even though I feel inner weird and self conscious about it. I have no idea if I said anything remotely intelligible, but I know words were coming out of my mouth. Merino is a bitch to spin. I really like alpaca so much better. I can’t wait to get into my stash of Rambouilet(sp). That looks like a challenge as well to spin but the staple is nice and long.
We went over Bill Thorpe’s house again for a lego playdate, only to find he had gone crazy on ebay purchasing legos and we were actually there to help him thin out what he didnt need. We came away with two boxes full. My poor living room is now covered, again! Sigh.. They had fun, while I got some time to sit and knit more. That was nice.
After our playdate, we had playgroup at Berean church. there is a large gym for the kids to run around in, so it can be fun or chaotic, which ever way you want to look at it. I sat with Jacqui and spun to my hearts content. It was productive and relaxing. I miss spinning with my friends. It makes it so much more fun. The kids were everywhere and there was all sorts of conversations to be had all around. Not a bad playgroup. I left feeling better about my day than I had before. I think I really need to get out more during our days to involve others in our play and study. I need to be accountable and present, but not always be on top of everything. It feel better to my system.
For schooling for 8th/9th grade, I am thinking Keystone National High School for B. It seems to meet our needs and is financially viable.
T. has a birthday this month. I have no plans made for this day and I have to say this is a first for me. Usually, I am well into planning and scheduling by now. I just can’t get myself there, in the mood for it all. I guess I need a little more actually liking my child to feel celebratory about his birth this year. That is a challenge for me at this time. I am trying to work on that. Need to find some compassion and forgiveness and understanding in me to get me through and will hopefully continue to build upon it. We’ll see. He wants the Theme to be: Knights. I have the party favor already chosen, but have no other ideas ready for this theme. I wont let weapons be part of this day, so that puts a slight barrier to some party ideas. I wonder if I could get enough supplies for the kids to all begin making some light weight chain mail?! Hmmm… or something. It’ll come to me.
Now to make some dinner. Been so long to need to make dinner and have not been informed ahead of time that I needed to do this tonight I am winging it. Hope it comes out edible. I think I am going to start taking over dinner again.

Gaming weekend and thoughts

We were fortunate enough this weekend to have some friends over to play with beginning mid afternoon Saturday. O. and T. came over to play! That evening the Timonin’s came over for a yummy dinner (even though the ribs became “blackened”) and gaming! They brought Puerto Rico with them. Great game and can be quite funny. Especially if you play with two teen boys on a team! O. went home later that evening when Mom and Dad came to pick them up, but T. got to stay overnight! I think it might be our first overnighter since we moved here other than when our friends came from out of state to visit. It was a late night of gaming fun. My T. was roaring still when he went to bed and ended up staying up whilst everyone else was unaware to play a plug-in play DDR we have and getting into all sorts of naughty stuff. Due to all that evening activity, he made every ones morning pretty miserable. But after he keyed down a little we were able to have a good hot break fast and B. and T. played like crazy with all their card games and miniatures. Today wasn’t very cold, but very wet and icy. It didn’t slow them down a bit. They ventured outside often. Lots of yelling and screaming and such. One hell of a time! Early afternoon came and T. had to go home.

S. had gone to pick up a goat we had processed into quarters and spent a good long time breaking it down in to cuts, then he motivated himself out to the barn where he cleaned up and did some electrical repairs.
I have been stressing out over my schooling program through, and decided last night that I wasn’t going to finish, yet another goal. I do have other more important things to worry about. Like another stressor, homeschooling my soon to be eighth grader! I am looking for a really good program that he can report his work to and have a daily assignments planned for him. I have been investigating many online type programs all morning. I am not pleased with any that I have found and the prices are killer, but I will make my decision soon as to how to handle this. I am tired of me being the source of drudgery in his life. Let someone else take over that job for a while. I am waiting for March to roll around so that I can purchase the Math program I plan on using for T. this upcoming year by Teaching Textbooks. I have to wait till they put the program for sale. I hate waiting! 😛
I am looking for some guidance and someone to report to regularly about my homeschooling so I can get motivated to be more active in the role of teacher. I have not found a rhythm that suites me and I am having a hard time gathering the energy to push the boys to get the work done. I really think, if I have to answer to someone I would feel better about getting stuff done. I really enjoy having another child here. I feel more obligated to be attentive and present. I get a lot more done when I am responsible for another person’s child. Weird, right?
I tried using the Kid Learn to Crochet book with T. today. He almost got it, but his hands have always been an issue so he gave up very quickly when both hands had to maneuver the string and the hook to get the chain going. It was tough. B. has a CAT to ready himself for and I realized that some of the material in the Math section he hasn’t got to yet. So I had him begin his next unit of fractions with Key to… and he got four pages done after he studied his guitar world dvd and tabs for while.
So it was a busy weekend and fun. I hope to keep up my activity level to keep the boys engaged in things.
There is a new Cooperative forming for homeschooling of mostly my playgroup families. I am always a little worried about group activities when it comes to T. He explodes and ruins everyones good time very easily. I really like the groups ideas and activities and want both the boys to participate, but I don’t want to have each meeting/class to be ruined for the other children. I need some suggestions on how to handle this. He isn’t going to change anytime soon. He needs to do more group activities to increase his situational problem solving. I really think they would both enjoy the activities. B. really needs to get out and participate more and have more exposure to his friends and opportunities for betterment. What to do?!feb-playdate-02feb-playdate-01feb-playdate-03

First Playdate of the Year!

Friday Jan. 2nd, T. set up a playdate with his dearest grown-up friend, Bill Thorpe. To our surprise, our dearest child friend, Piran, was to join us! We played Pirates with the many large lego Pirate ships and lots of action figures and islands. Then they played the game Dread Pirate. It seemed like a pretty fun game. It was a lovely afternoon with lots of catching up and yummy cookie treats made by our host, Bill.