Another Day

For the last couple of days I have been working on my Three Scarf Ruana and am finally getting to the point within the first piece, that I can call it half way completed. Not the entire project just one third of it, half way complete. I never thought it would take this long to simply knit 35″ of scarf but damn it really does!! I am looking forward to seeing how this will all look when finally completed. It is worth the time and effort if I can just get it right and functional.
Today, I put it aside again, so I could work on Ali K.’s order of three skeins. Almost have one skein spun and ready to ply. Yay! I am now using my smaller ration flyer and am proud of that fact. I hope it means I have become more efficient in my spinning, because on the larger flyer it was just taking to long to twist the fiber for me. I actually received compliments today about my spinning that made me feel good. Not from some one I would have expected nor someone that spins herself, but is observant. I think that is really neat. I am not good at receiving compliments but I am working on it, so instead of buttoning my mouth I tried to just go ahead and talk a little about what I was currently working with. It worked. I didn’t totally choke, even though I feel inner weird and self conscious about it. I have no idea if I said anything remotely intelligible, but I know words were coming out of my mouth. Merino is a bitch to spin. I really like alpaca so much better. I can’t wait to get into my stash of Rambouilet(sp). That looks like a challenge as well to spin but the staple is nice and long.
We went over Bill Thorpe’s house again for a lego playdate, only to find he had gone crazy on ebay purchasing legos and we were actually there to help him thin out what he didnt need. We came away with two boxes full. My poor living room is now covered, again! Sigh.. They had fun, while I got some time to sit and knit more. That was nice.
After our playdate, we had playgroup at Berean church. there is a large gym for the kids to run around in, so it can be fun or chaotic, which ever way you want to look at it. I sat with Jacqui and spun to my hearts content. It was productive and relaxing. I miss spinning with my friends. It makes it so much more fun. The kids were everywhere and there was all sorts of conversations to be had all around. Not a bad playgroup. I left feeling better about my day than I had before. I think I really need to get out more during our days to involve others in our play and study. I need to be accountable and present, but not always be on top of everything. It feel better to my system.
For schooling for 8th/9th grade, I am thinking Keystone National High School for B. It seems to meet our needs and is financially viable.
T. has a birthday this month. I have no plans made for this day and I have to say this is a first for me. Usually, I am well into planning and scheduling by now. I just can’t get myself there, in the mood for it all. I guess I need a little more actually liking my child to feel celebratory about his birth this year. That is a challenge for me at this time. I am trying to work on that. Need to find some compassion and forgiveness and understanding in me to get me through and will hopefully continue to build upon it. We’ll see. He wants the Theme to be: Knights. I have the party favor already chosen, but have no other ideas ready for this theme. I wont let weapons be part of this day, so that puts a slight barrier to some party ideas. I wonder if I could get enough supplies for the kids to all begin making some light weight chain mail?! Hmmm… or something. It’ll come to me.
Now to make some dinner. Been so long to need to make dinner and have not been informed ahead of time that I needed to do this tonight I am winging it. Hope it comes out edible. I think I am going to start taking over dinner again.


Park Review!

Homeschooling Playgroup on Wednesday the 25th of March, was to be held at my house. Yikes! I couldn’t even fathom the idea with all the little baby chicks smelling up everything and coating all objects with a lovely layer of dust and feather. It was horrifying to say the least to have my friends in my home when it was in this shape. Luckily, the days forecast was to be stupendous! It was a perfect warm spring day! I changed the location to a local park our group had never attended before. Hider Park. It was a lovely little find and I am so glad to have found it. I am posting lots of pictures so you can see just how multi-generational this park is!! Great for the “little little’s” and the “big kids”, as well as, great for the moms! The pavilion is right next to the play area. The play area has objects for every age group. The playing fields are in great shape with out lying areas for kids to explore in. I was able to sit in the sun for the first time since early fall and soak it all in. I even came home with my first sun tan of the season!!!


Been up to…

For starters here is my progress of my first sock…
Cool, huh? Next Monday, I get to learn about creating the heel. Should be fun!

This week has been busy and stressful(on my part). The stress is from several sources, including T. whom ran away for about 20 minutes last week and given my own anxiety issues a huge boost in the process. Still haven’t really come down from that event and probably won’t anytime soon. He wasn’t hurt or anything, just scared as after he ran away into our back pasture and neighbors overgrown land, he got lost. He says he ran away because his brother never plays with him anymore. What can I do about that? Nothing, his brother is older and they don’t tend to play on the same level anymore. He is going to have to learn to adjust to that loss, or make himself and all others around him miserable over it. So that was one episode of stress. Then I am in search for a middle school or high school program suitable to meet B.’s needs for 8th/9th grade this coming year. Let me tell you how challenging it is to find a good online school that isn’t outrageously expensive and has the curriculum choices and accreditation I need. No matter which one I choose, out of the many, I will still have to come up with minimally $3000 for the school year for one child. B. really needs this change in his curriculum, so now I have to figure out how I can make this happen. Anyone win the lottery and have a few grand to lend to a stranger? LOL
Other than these two biggies, I am dealing with T. and B. on a daily basis of having many ups and downs and explosions left and right. This in between seasons stuff is not going over well in our household. We have all had enough of winter and need to play outdoors in some warm
weather and sunshine.
Though through the stress we have managed to do some fun things and relax. And still get stuff done. Monday, we went to the TheaterWorks Presentation of Paul Revere’s Ride, whilst not historically accurate, very funny and entertaining. We proceeded this play with many EdVideo shows on various subjects. Fractions, writing composition, Reading Music, and multiplication. On Tuesday, we watched the TheaterWorks presentation of Junie B. Jones, which was fantastically done! Not what I was expecting at all and hilariously funny. Later that day we broke open our packages of Hot Dots that arrived the day before. This is a really great idea! Flash cards for all subjects that works with a self-checking talking pen. You touch the answer on the card and the pen tells you weather you are correct or not. I got all the math sets and want the reading comprehension sets. T. played with the multiplication card set for a while.
Today, is my sisters birthday. She is 31 this year, I think. I always forget to send something or do something for it. She must think I am awful for it. Se va.
We started out day, with T. taking up his cursive work and working through several pages of workbook sheets. B. is almost finished with his Key To..Fractions book2, mulitplication and division of Fractions. We start the 3rd book tomorrow, so I can then proceed to giving him his CAT to submit results for his year end assessment. How I hate living in NY and homeschooling. All this arbitrary junk to government institutions that have nothing in relation to what we actually do at home. It really is useless and silly the way they think they have placed these regulations upon homeschoolers, thinking they have control. NY is really big on Controlling every little thing. Oh well, I play the game and still keep it real for us.
We have playgroup this afternoon, which is another stressful event for me, as I have to follow T. like a dog to ensure he is not getting in trouble while socializing with other children. Maybe, I will be lucky and today will be easy to move him in the right directions, rather than getting hit in the process. We’ll see.

Over the hills and Through our Day and Valentines Day too….

I started my day really early since I took S. into work, so on the road by 6am. Thankfully, it got up to 52 degrees today, so I didn’t chatter my teeth the entire drive. Aah!
T. arose and it was another day of fighting tooth and nail to get school work done. He went over “r controlled words for the second day in a row” and multiplication. He started using a Venn Diagram today to describe the differences between two sports, and continued to learn new spelling words and work with the dictionary. B. mainly played his guitar and reviewed the fractions corrections I gave him from the many pages of work from yesterday. He wants to delve into to music theory so I will have to invest a little time into researching resources for that subject. WE have limited materials on hand, but we have several local folks that can help him very much with this subject so I might toss him that way first, then give him book resources.
After lunch, we ventured over to Playgroup for our Valentine’s Day party where the boys passed out the felted hearts to each participant and I got to give one to each of the moms. I was glad I had just enough for everyone.

T. was not in a good state of mind so I allowed him to use another childs DS to keep him seated and distracted by all the chaos around him. It was not a good choice but it was the only one to help in that particular situation. Upon picking up S. from work, it was clear T. was pretty much not with us mentally, so we hurried home to chill out. He played outside whilst he got dinner ready and I found him playing in the road when dinner was ready. It was not a good scene. Our road is not one to play in at all!! Steep hill and cars flying by. Pretty scary scene actually! Got him inside and he was acting drugged out. Not really surprising with the amount of sugar he had consumed and the assuredly sugar dump he was having at that moment. After much dismay and confusion, he rested then ate some dinner with us later. My stress level has exceeded beyond comprehension so one beer down and some advil soon to follow will be the culmination of my night. My back is killing me from all the tension of today and yesterday. I do hope T. will be better tomorrow. I am pooped.
On the knitting front, I had to rip out the Tiny Tippet again and will begin again tonight after pain reliever kicks in. It looks like a really neat texture so I think I am going to love this piece, once complete. I am so thankful for LC for guiding me through this. She has been a real sport about teaching me. I really am such a baby when learning new things like this. I need such hand holding. She is so patient. Thank goodness!!
Did I mention today, that I love my MAN!!!??!!!

Bubbles at the Discovery Science Center

Wednesday was an all around good day.  We were busy.  T. and me picked up our friends ST and Piran for some Bubble fun at the Discovery Center.  We arrived and were given a presentation on bubbles and states of matter and definitions of the word solution.  Then we were allowed several hours of playing with all the exhibits.  The boys favorite was the built in play “Giant” grocery store.  There were many kids and they all handled themselves pretty well.  It was fun to catch up and meet some homeschooling friends as I have been secluding my family for quite some time from group activities this year, since sickness seems to be an ongoing theme with everyone.

Afterward, we picked up B. and we all went to playgroup.  Playgroup was held at the Berean Bible Church in Greene, NY.  The gym was good to run around in and the kids hopefully didn’t make too much of a mess of the toys in a closet they found open.  I got to walk the circumference of the gym to help work off the soreness from the NYC trip.  It was really nice.  I miss seeing those folks regularily but winter is just no my time of year to venture out often.  I hate sickness and I hate the cold.

Long week

It has been three days without S. home.  He has been on a business trip out to Seattle, WA.  He really likes it there.  He has been introduced to a neat restaraunt that serves your food to you raw that you cook on a really hot stone on the table.  The dogs are all depressed becuase “daddy” isn’t here.

I can’t seem to find my groove within my days like I usually do when he must go overnight anywhere on business.  Although!  I did manage to remove all important emails from Incredimail and uninstall that software completely.  I am hoping that our computer will be runnin gmuch more smoothly from now on.

I just worry that I didn’t set up Outlook correctly.  We will see.

Today at playgroup with the boys was fun and interesting.  T. was role playing a violent and evil guy against the other children, per usual, until I go thim interested in Thomas the Tank Engine toys that occupied him for the remiander of the time.  Whew!  B. had a great time playing with his dear friend Tim, whom had been on a really nice vacation by train for the last two weeks.  I wasn’t up to or really able to attend to adult conversation as I new it was one of those days I would have to watch T. like a hawk.  I hope to find more time later to connect with the families at some other time.

T. is once again doing his written work as I write and is enjoying the tasks he is asked to do.  Yeah!

B. has dissapeared into the depths of his room reading more D&D books.  Slightly obsessed.

I am exhausted from working at the computer all day and following T. around at playgroup, so I will be hoping for an early bedtime tonight.

I am so thankful for the warm weather for the last couple days.