Attack of the Blood Suckers!!!

Today we joined up with the Chens once again for a fun field trip to Ithaca’s Childrens Science Center.  This is the last week of an exhibit all about ticks and mesquitos and other blood sucking insects.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch upon arrival and then ran off some of those calories in the playground.  Once a little energy was burnt off from the long car ride, we entered into the exhibits and had lots of fun exploring everything.

We had a ton of fun!  There was lots of fun stuff to get our hands on.  The perfect location for highly distractable boys!  I hope the next exhibit is just as fun.  I am totally getting my monies worth for this Boonshoft Membership!!


The MOST Fun!!

Happy New Year!!

On the First on January, we decided to take trip North using S.’s new GPS toy!  We went to a yummy restaurant, than proceeded to the MOST Science Museum in Syracuse.  It was really fun, with so many activities to get involved in.  We, of course, lost T. in the Huge Indoor Playground area for most of the time, whilst I had fun watching my two big boys play amoungst the exhibits.

We interuptted our play with our first IMAX show.  We watched The Polar Express on IMAX.  How Cool was THAT!!!!  So big.  So Loud.  So close to everything!  It was naueating the entire time and I probably won’t go out of my way to ever see one again, but having the experience was worth it, once.  We didn’t realize the limited hours the museum is open for(10am-5pm) so we had to cut play short, which was such a bummer.  We certainly plan on going back, and I hope soon.  Per usual, S. I think, had the most fun!!!

I wish all of you a very special and rewarding New Year!

We had fun with Science!

Saturday the 27th of December, we all took a trip up the Science Center in Ithaca, NY.  This trip was possible only due to our dear freinds, the Chens.  With their lovely holiday card we found two tickets to the museum.  We love going to the museum.  It is hands on and always has something new.

T. took off as soon as we got in the door and I only saw him sporatically throughout the few hours we were there.  S. and B. on the other hand played with everything!  I got lots of pictures.  But as you will notice, S. I think had the most fun out of all of them. hehe

After our time at the museum, we hung out in the commons looking in some of our favorite stores, “AlphebetSoup” which carries many Waldorf Friendly materials, including Stockmar products and german made board games, and “Lets Get Cooking”, which has all sorts of great and sometimes unique cooking utensils, cookware and appliances.  We also enjoy the Used Book Store which has two floors of books floor to ceiling and they are all used and inexpensive.