Ah!! Massachuesetts!!!

Oh yeah, I had finally settled in alright.

I woke and needed to go to our favorite spot to relax and chill in the mornings when we lived in MA.  I headed out first thing for Otter River.  One of the oldest National parks in the US.  My little secret hideaway.   There is an enormous tourist attraction forest not two minutes up the road from this spot and poeple have to pass by this one to get there but no one stops in to notice it’s tranquil beauty and its superb rangers and camping grounds.  This place had Yurts!!  I little river flows through this Park and has two spots along it’s widest spot to swim in. Ice cold spring water.  The color of rust from the rivers bed.   It is usually quiet and deserted.  Just the way I like swimming holes.  I got there before the park rangers, but I was used to that.  We used to come here everyday during the warmer months to swim first thing in the morning, until lunch time.  That is when a couple of families might have shown up.  This was my ultimate turning point for this vacation.  I was really getting a chance to have fun and enjoy myself.  I sat in the sun while the kids tortured themselves in the freezing water and digging huge!! holes in the beach.  It was lovely.  We petted dogs being walked by and took a little walk to the dam and looked at all the plants in the garden bed.  It was lovely.

We left the beach around 1pm and went straight to our favorite store to see any deals that we wouldn’t mind particpating in.  Joblots!!  is a subsidiary of Ocean State srtore, such as BigLots.  This store carries all the mostinteresteing items for such littlemoeny.  We found all our Bobs Red Mill Flours and Mixes for our Glutenfree eating at least half off the regular price and some blets to help hold up our pants and some reading and activity books.  It was fun!

Afterwards was hit  a new smoothie shoppe!!  You heard me a Smoothie Cafe!! in Gardner, MA.  I was floored.  It was lovely withfree Wi-fi, comfy couches, fresh fruit and yummy foods for lunch and breakfast.   We each got delicious smoothies for lunch then headed back to the house.

Shortly after we arrived, we headed back out to have a visit with my sister, Sharon.  We hadn’t been able to meet up yet and the boys really miss her.  So we hung out for a while in Newbury Comics before we went over to the Theater to watch “Ice Age Three” .  That waws a funny movie.  Really cute.  It was good to see my sister, but she didn’t have much time to visit.  She was very busy with school and work.  It was a good time.


A Wet Day 1 of Faerie Fest

Set  up in an open circle was a challenge but the kids were up for anything.  They were perfectly flexible!  One  minute to show time and the sky opened up and poured down upon us for the entire performance.  Amazingly, these kids kept plugging along and not one complained, even through close drowning moments!! 😛

We even had an audience.  Wet, but really fun!!  B. had a most memorable moment of creating a huge SPLAT! upon falling to his death.  LOL!  All the Homeschool Players did such a wonderful job.  We are all so proud for them.

Mind you, all actors are getting poured on the entire time!!!  Enjoy the pictures!

A Midsummer Nights Dream performed at Faerie Festival NY

A Midsummer Nights Dream

On Monday evening I had the pleasure to watch all the homeschooled children whom choose to perform in the Shakespeare production of  “A Midsummer Nights Dream”.  After  months of practice and a very long day setting up the stage, 6:30pm rolled around at the Studio B of the Binghamton University.   The Director, Douglas Taylor( a homeschool father and minister at the Local UU) opened the show with a formal introduction and the play commenced.  All the children were wonderful!!  You could see how much effort they placed in to memorizing their lines and knowing when their cues were.  It was so much fun to watch.  I am of course very biased in my opinion as my son played Bottom the Weaver.  I was very proud of how well he performed.   All the parents who put time and effort into making all the props and guiding the children on and off stage was really wonderful to see.

I hope the children are really excited to perform again at the    http://www.nyfairiefest.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=2  Faerie Festival coming up on the 26th, 27th and 28th.  They will be performing on the Friday and Saturday of this event.  Very exciting, but I am sure very intimidating.

I am so thankful to have such dedicated parents and families within my homeschooling network.

I took the best pictures I could with my little camera but these children move fast!  hehe

The pictures are free for all to grab and add to your collections.

Shakespeare Rehersal #3

Today was our third meeting for our homeschooling groups Shakespeare Play rehearsals.  We are putting on the play Midsummer Nights Dream sometime in June.  The kids have had fun learning about pretending/acting and memorizing lines, using all sorts of fun games.  We are blessed to have so many people in our community as homeschoolers with a lot of experience in theater.  Here are some pictures of today.  We first began our meeting coming up with some rules of conduct together with the kids so no one is lost in the shuffle.  Afterward, there was too much to tell.

It looks like this is going to be something B. will like to actually be apart of and T. will take a behind the scenes role.

Been up to…

For starters here is my progress of my first sock…
Cool, huh? Next Monday, I get to learn about creating the heel. Should be fun!

This week has been busy and stressful(on my part). The stress is from several sources, including T. whom ran away for about 20 minutes last week and given my own anxiety issues a huge boost in the process. Still haven’t really come down from that event and probably won’t anytime soon. He wasn’t hurt or anything, just scared as after he ran away into our back pasture and neighbors overgrown land, he got lost. He says he ran away because his brother never plays with him anymore. What can I do about that? Nothing, his brother is older and they don’t tend to play on the same level anymore. He is going to have to learn to adjust to that loss, or make himself and all others around him miserable over it. So that was one episode of stress. Then I am in search for a middle school or high school program suitable to meet B.’s needs for 8th/9th grade this coming year. Let me tell you how challenging it is to find a good online school that isn’t outrageously expensive and has the curriculum choices and accreditation I need. No matter which one I choose, out of the many, I will still have to come up with minimally $3000 for the school year for one child. B. really needs this change in his curriculum, so now I have to figure out how I can make this happen. Anyone win the lottery and have a few grand to lend to a stranger? LOL
Other than these two biggies, I am dealing with T. and B. on a daily basis of having many ups and downs and explosions left and right. This in between seasons stuff is not going over well in our household. We have all had enough of winter and need to play outdoors in some warm
weather and sunshine.
Though through the stress we have managed to do some fun things and relax. And still get stuff done. Monday, we went to the TheaterWorks Presentation of Paul Revere’s Ride, whilst not historically accurate, very funny and entertaining. We proceeded this play with many EdVideo shows on various subjects. Fractions, writing composition, Reading Music, and multiplication. On Tuesday, we watched the TheaterWorks presentation of Junie B. Jones, which was fantastically done! Not what I was expecting at all and hilariously funny. Later that day we broke open our packages of Hot Dots that arrived the day before. This is a really great idea! Flash cards for all subjects that works with a self-checking talking pen. You touch the answer on the card and the pen tells you weather you are correct or not. I got all the math sets and want the reading comprehension sets. T. played with the multiplication card set for a while.
Today, is my sisters birthday. She is 31 this year, I think. I always forget to send something or do something for it. She must think I am awful for it. Se va.
We started out day, with T. taking up his cursive work and working through several pages of workbook sheets. B. is almost finished with his Key To..Fractions book2, mulitplication and division of Fractions. We start the 3rd book tomorrow, so I can then proceed to giving him his CAT to submit results for his year end assessment. How I hate living in NY and homeschooling. All this arbitrary junk to government institutions that have nothing in relation to what we actually do at home. It really is useless and silly the way they think they have placed these regulations upon homeschoolers, thinking they have control. NY is really big on Controlling every little thing. Oh well, I play the game and still keep it real for us.
We have playgroup this afternoon, which is another stressful event for me, as I have to follow T. like a dog to ensure he is not getting in trouble while socializing with other children. Maybe, I will be lucky and today will be easy to move him in the right directions, rather than getting hit in the process. We’ll see.