A little before and after

It’s Finished Object show off time!!!

I had mentioned in the beginning of January that I began a set of socks on my new size 2 circulars in magic loop.  Well, here are some pics of during and the completed pair.  They were for Valentine’s Day.  I finished them the week before.  It was driving me crazy having them sitting there and not allowing myself to wear them until the day of.

Then, I want to show you a few pics of the fog icicles.  We have never seen them in the northeast, but here in Iowa it seems pretty common.  I have some pics from January and then a month later I got some more.  These icicles are not as long as they have been this winter.  One day we woke with 4 to 6 inch spikes growing from all the branches.


Over the hills and Through our Day and Valentines Day too….

I started my day really early since I took S. into work, so on the road by 6am. Thankfully, it got up to 52 degrees today, so I didn’t chatter my teeth the entire drive. Aah!
T. arose and it was another day of fighting tooth and nail to get school work done. He went over “r controlled words for the second day in a row” and multiplication. He started using a Venn Diagram today to describe the differences between two sports, and continued to learn new spelling words and work with the dictionary. B. mainly played his guitar and reviewed the fractions corrections I gave him from the many pages of work from yesterday. He wants to delve into to music theory so I will have to invest a little time into researching resources for that subject. WE have limited materials on hand, but we have several local folks that can help him very much with this subject so I might toss him that way first, then give him book resources.
After lunch, we ventured over to Playgroup for our Valentine’s Day party where the boys passed out the felted hearts to each participant and I got to give one to each of the moms. I was glad I had just enough for everyone.

T. was not in a good state of mind so I allowed him to use another childs DS to keep him seated and distracted by all the chaos around him. It was not a good choice but it was the only one to help in that particular situation. Upon picking up S. from work, it was clear T. was pretty much not with us mentally, so we hurried home to chill out. He played outside whilst he got dinner ready and I found him playing in the road when dinner was ready. It was not a good scene. Our road is not one to play in at all!! Steep hill and cars flying by. Pretty scary scene actually! Got him inside and he was acting drugged out. Not really surprising with the amount of sugar he had consumed and the assuredly sugar dump he was having at that moment. After much dismay and confusion, he rested then ate some dinner with us later. My stress level has exceeded beyond comprehension so one beer down and some advil soon to follow will be the culmination of my night. My back is killing me from all the tension of today and yesterday. I do hope T. will be better tomorrow. I am pooped.
On the knitting front, I had to rip out the Tiny Tippet again and will begin again tonight after pain reliever kicks in. It looks like a really neat texture so I think I am going to love this piece, once complete. I am so thankful for LC for guiding me through this. She has been a real sport about teaching me. I really am such a baby when learning new things like this. I need such hand holding. She is so patient. Thank goodness!!
Did I mention today, that I love my MAN!!!??!!!

Preparing for Valentine’s Day! Fiber!

I have been felting for a week straight. I am trying to be prepared for our homeschooling Valentine’s Day exchange. I want the boys to have these really cute felted heart valentines to share with their friends. Everyone knows the candy hearts with the random words, like “Love”, “sweet”, “kiss”, “cute” and such. Well, I am simply recreating these candies in felt, but bigger, of course.

Here is the process: Using wool dyed in various colors, red, white, purple, etc. I take a tuft of wool and stuff it in my heart cookie cutter. I then proceed to needle felt it into shape. I need to remove the cookie cutter and pull the heart off the foam and flip it over at least once to make sure I have felted all the wool to the thickness and stiffness that I want. This varies for everyone. I am making these for children so I want them to be really tightly felted and firm. After the initial form has been felted I take the needle and start to define it’s shape further by needling the indent of the heart and around the edges to clean up loose wool. When I figure out exactly how I am going to get the words on I will post that. So far, I have tried to needle felt embroidery floss and that didn’t work. Then I tried my burly spun yarn and that was great but too thick and big to fit a whole word on the heart. I might spin up some of my Ramboulett wool into a single thick yarn and use that or try to sew the lettering using the embroidery floss. Don’t know how to sew letters but I think I can figure it out. Anyway, I will post what I find works for me later.