CSA – Our first


When we moved back to NY, I found a great CSA that picks up at a fantastic local foods market near our home.  We have been bogged down by so much vegatables I have little room in my fridge and some of it is going to waste. I love veggies, but when I get funky ones, I just have no idea what to do with them. I am looking forward to later on in the season when less greens and more actual veggies I can cook right away will start appearing in our boxes.

We are loving the fact that we already paid for all this in advanced so very little grocery money is going towards veggies now.

I also grabbed several chicks months back and raised them free range. They went to processing last week and now I have a freezer full of chicken. I am taking another batch in for processing soon as well.  I have meat rabbits, that I hope will be having kits in a month, so I can then have a freezer full by winter, of rabbit.  Hoping this will help cut down on meat purchases and be better for us health wise and money wise.