Like a Box of Chocolates

Life is whizzing by…sometimes at light speed, other times at a snails pace.

B. has been home for almost three weeks from Scattergood Friends School, where he started his Junior year of High School this fall, for vacation.  T. is back in school at the Life Skills program, where he has been attending since this Fall, from a two week vacation.  S. is back to his regular routine of going to the gym in the morning then work, then back home for dinner.  I begin my next semester of classes at Kirkwood Community College, continuing my slow steady progress towards my associates degree in Graphic Communication, on the 17th of Jan.

The New Year has begun.  I have been feeling very vacant and disconnected to everything around me for quite some time, so in hopes of rekindling being more present in my life I have turned back to this form of expression, blogging.  I find I reflect more accurately and thoughtfully upon my life through this process of writing to the blogging void.

To play a little catch up regarding the Holidays….

Peanut Butter Cups…

Brian came to visit us for the Solstice.  That was so fun having him here.

Chocolate Raspberry filled…

Did I mention after almost two years of hair growing B. finally gave up on having his hair long.  On his own accord he chose to have his haircut, SHORT!!  I love it!! Finally he has peripheral vision back!

He looks so grown up now!!


And we got the cutest kitten 6 months ago and she is so grown up now and loving her new Solstice gift.  A huge cat tree with three columns and three levels of play and sleep areas.

I know she is adorable!!

Strawberry Cream filled…

S. is on the local fire department and since May we live 1 minute away from the firehouse, walking. O_o  Yes, you heard  me right.  We moved.  We are still in the middle of No-Wheresville-Iowa, but we now live in town rather than out in the country.  I hate having neighbors.  Not personally, but due to the issues it creates with T.  He is curious and social and has NO boundaries. So it is dangerous for him to play outside when there is so much going on outside, giving him ample time to break the rules.  Rules, like no walking onto other peoples property, no entering peoples homes, no leaving our property, If biking or skootering…no going beyond the boundaries, etc etc etc….It is crazy living in an area in which I have to be a hawk watching this kid, just so he can play outside.  Pathetic, I know.  But necessary.

Dark chocolate Caramels…

Do you know what I did for New Years Eve?  Nothing, but the next day I got the best gift ever!!  6 hours allotted for me to join a girlfriend in a movie marathon with no children and plenty of chocolate on hand.  15 minutes into the movie and both us ladies are passed out on the couch.  Three hours later we wake have a snacky dinner and hang out chatting until I feel sleep coming back upon me.  Again, Pathetic, but wonderful!!!

Chocolate Covered Peanuts…

This week when B. returns to school he begins an Independent Study in the of Japanese Language.  I ordered him a PC program and a textbook.  Now I must go through each and try to create a cohesive lesson plan using them both.  This has meant staring and typing and reading and typing and learning more about Japanese than I ever intended. LOL  I am glad he loves the Language but him learning two languages at the same time seems like overload to me.  He is not phased by it so I guess I will simply follow his judgement.  He is so smart and eager to learn.  This summer he wants to take Trigonometry and Physics courses, continue his TaeKwonDo, and visit colleges.  It’s going to be a big challenge to get everything he wants complete, but I will do whatever I can to make his aspirations come to fruition.

Well, that is enough for now.  Crazy and busy, but mostly in a good way with the only exception being T.  That is just part of my world.


Thanksgiving and Winter Solstice prep Celebrations







On Thanksgiving we had some really good food and a friend to feed. Our friend Scott had never been over before so he quickly got acquainted with Fiona the St. Bernard and our new puppy, Daisy, the Pomchi. He thankfully is an animal lover.
We all enjoyed a great dinner cooked by Steve, all by Steve for reasons that I will make clear soon enough.  We had a deep fried turkey, green bean cassorole, mashed potatoes, fresh bread, pumpkin pie, chocolate pudding pie, cheescake pudding pie, cranberry sauce and cranberry jelly and more.
Afterward we played some games, Dominion and chatted until it was time to TV veg.

We were supposed to go see Deathly Hallows movie this weekend but I couldn’t stand up in line that long so we waited a week for that. The Friday before the holiday I took one step from my driveway onto the grass to walk the dog and my ankle gave a huge POP! And down I went screaming like a baby. It was horrible. I waited until the next morning to go to the ER and found it was a severe sprain with probably more damage to the ligaments. The ER visit alone cost a fortune so I won’t be going for follow ups. Hopefully, I will have a lot less pain and swelling soon. It has been over two weeks and its still bad. They said I should be fully recovered from tne sprain in seven weeks, not considering any other damage. I have had plenty of time to knit so I have knit three gifts so far. That was cool. Wish I took pictures before giving them away.   I have had a great companion through out ask my knitting until she took off with a skein of yarn and mangled it. I was a tad upset about that. Gave me an excuse to go out for the first time, other than driving back and forth to bring B. to school.

I’m shopping from the internet quite a bit since I can’t stand long in the stores, but I love gift giving. It makes me giddy when someone likes a gift I have specifically chosen for them. Its the best part of the season. I have sent out some cards, which I always enjoy getting.  I’m trying to get some of the things the boys have on their wish list, but money is always an issue and I don’t work so things are more than tight if not impossible. But I try anyway.  I myself have gone through my Amazon account and updated it. I have found the new Universal Wishlist button to be great! All things from, and acorn catalog, and such is all on one list. That is just cool!

The tree is up and slowly decorations will come out. This time last year, I was painting the house in NY with my extremely good friends the Rayne family. I havent seen them since, nor my parents. Homesickness is number feeling lately. Very depressing being stuck without a support system. Its probably the number one thing I’m not supposed to do with two boys that have special needs, so to say this sucks is an understatement. I miss my family and the ones I love and that love me and my boys. This year I’m trying to make this a little better than lasts, since we had arrived here only a week before the Solstice and I couldn’t decorate or shop, since all my money went into traveling here to Iowa and I didn’t know where all my decorations were packed.  Hopefully, I will be successful in making this holiday season more eventful than last.

Our first holiday in Iowa

Since we aren’t really totally unpacked or recovered from the rather expensive move and house sale prep, I had decided we were not going to be having any celebrations for our Winter Solstice.  It was a rather strong internal struggle to have to put our Advent activities and our Solstice stories aside and to keep our tree and decorations in storage.  I really begin my winters inner work through this process and this year, my shift inwards has been skipped over and I am not sure when I will settle into winter work.  As for now, I must work outwardly and get my house in order.

The Solstice passed by with my chin held high and no observations enacted.  But T. has always been a strong believer in Father Winter and Santa and he expressed serious faith that they were going to find us, even though we moved.  My guilt became rather overwhelming that I had not put anything together for the boys to celebrate and keep the faith alive.  Our relationship with the boys, as of late, has been purely argumentative and cynical.  I began to rationalize gift giving, with thoughts that it might bring some kind of hope or at least not make things worse and crushing all spirit left in them.  So, knowing that B. needed a laptop, that was my first priority.  For T.  I was really torn.  I really wanted to give him something in equivalency to specialness and surprise, but not a laptop.  I also wanted to find him something that would help pacify him when out and about.  I know that sounds horrible and I really feel it is, but I am desperate now a days to survive each day through the explosions and such.  I did it!  I got T. a Nintendo DS lite.  He loves it and I am determined to find out how to make it really useful rather than just a play thing for the game cards.  Apparently there are all sorts of things you can do with this little machine, I just have to find out how and what.

(To make the scene clearer, we went out shopping and had to run a quick errand at Best Buy.  This was two days prior to Christmas.  I wasn’t thinking about holidays at this point and didn’t realize that this store wasn’t going to be as simple to maneuver around in as in the Hole Depot we had been to prior that day.  After what seemed forever, hemming and hawing over whether I should go ahead and purchase these spontaneous gifts for the boys, we had a hard time getting service, then the laptop we had asked for was out of stock, then we saw the one and only line.  It wrapped around the front of the store , down the furthest isle, then almost all the way to the back of the store.  We strolled outta of there with no purchases and a little frustrated.  I simply saw it as a sign of my stupidity and that it was not meant to be this year.  Wednesday(i think) S. went out and purchased all the items we picked out by himself.  I was surprised, pleasantly so. )

I have let the boys have total free access to their new electronics since opening them on Christmas, but that will soon slow down and become more monitored.  My guilt has not been totally subverted since I did end up giving them items I normally would not condone for children, but I am trying to meet my needs and the children’s needs with a more open mind and more hope and trust in the boys.  This is hard for me considering it’s me and they are they.  LOL  😛  Anyway, it was good to see them happy upon waking to gifts wrapped upon the couch laid out for them.  No Chocolate or candy, just some gum, DVD’s, B.’s Laptop and a pc game and T.’s DS and two games.

I look forward to Monday, when we begin to get back to schoolwork.  It’s been weeks since we have been able to focus on any school work and B. has some major catching up and T. too!!  We missed having out family close by as in NY, but we were able to phone family and friends.  It was very low key.  We cooked a lovely turkey for dinner.  I was a little nervous as to how it would come out, since I had not cooked one in this oven before.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Holiday Season!

Mass Amounts of Greed

We opened out presents on the 25th of December this year.  Not our usual, as we celebrate the Winter Solstice, but this year S. was out of town for a wedding and since my parents celebrate Christmas, I figured it couldn’t hurt to do all on one day.

My parents arrived at my home at 1am, after midnight mass and promptly passed out.  Thankfully, since presents had been sitting under the tree all week, I was not awakened before dawn this year.  T. had taken it upon himself to play in the snow outside in the morning till we all awoke.  Around 7:30ish we all dragged ourselves into the Living room.  From that point on, it is all a blur.  I only have these pictures to remind of the event as I was still in Coma status throughout most of the morning, until Breakfast around 11am.  We had yummy waffles!  You’ll see why below.

Everyone enjoyed their copiious amounts of stuff and fun was to be had for the remainder of the day by having our Movie Marathon.  All movies having to do with this particular holiday have been consumed for the last week and that day was the pinnacle of our marathon with several goodies, such as “The Christmas Story” and “HogFather”.

We made captive of my parents for a couple more days before releasing them back out into the wild.  They enjoyed themselves, I think.

Enjoy the faces of pure glutuny and greed below!  Hope you holidays were bright and blessed with much love!

Blessed Yuletide!

Sadly, we are without S. on this very special day of the Lights return, so we woke to find gifts from Father Winter, but we are holding off until Thursday when S. will be home and rested and my parents will over to share in the unveiling of greed.  But until then we get to look at our lovely tree with beautiful gifts wrapped underneath.  This will be a challenge for the boys as they really want at least to get into their stockings, but so far so good!

A Blessing for all Folks celebrating with us on this most Magical of days!

Did I mention our day started with T. waking at 3:30am to see if Father Winter had left the presents under our tree or was going to wait until Thursday when they were allowed to open them. LOL  As if Father Winter runs on our schedule! 😛