Fibery Fun

I have been spinning up a storm lately.  I really needed to get the yarn made for Ali K. so I could dye it up.  I made extra and started another bobbin of my orange Alpaca.  Someday, I will get through all my alpaca to make myself a shawl.  I figure by then, I will know how to make one.

I haven’t got a pic, but I am on the foot of my sock!!!  This is very exciting.  I know this is the home stretch.  Then, I will need to make a matching one.  Oh dear.  I hope I don’t get Second Sock syndrome.  It sounds deadly to my knitting.

I joined a WIP Wrestling Team for July!  Don’t know what it is?  It means that my ravelry team, Bingo Ate my Baby, knitting club will choose from our Works in Progress Knitting lists and try to finish the most Finished Objects within the month of July.  Win anything you ask?  Not that I am aware of.  Just the wrestling title!  HEHE  I can’t wait! to see what projects I will have by then to finish!

I am so excited.  A dear Ravelry friend has agreed to teach me some dying techniques.  I hope soon.  I really love all things fibery and that includes dying.  I can’t wait to learn more!!


Preparing for Valentine’s Day! Fiber!

I have been felting for a week straight. I am trying to be prepared for our homeschooling Valentine’s Day exchange. I want the boys to have these really cute felted heart valentines to share with their friends. Everyone knows the candy hearts with the random words, like “Love”, “sweet”, “kiss”, “cute” and such. Well, I am simply recreating these candies in felt, but bigger, of course.

Here is the process: Using wool dyed in various colors, red, white, purple, etc. I take a tuft of wool and stuff it in my heart cookie cutter. I then proceed to needle felt it into shape. I need to remove the cookie cutter and pull the heart off the foam and flip it over at least once to make sure I have felted all the wool to the thickness and stiffness that I want. This varies for everyone. I am making these for children so I want them to be really tightly felted and firm. After the initial form has been felted I take the needle and start to define it’s shape further by needling the indent of the heart and around the edges to clean up loose wool. When I figure out exactly how I am going to get the words on I will post that. So far, I have tried to needle felt embroidery floss and that didn’t work. Then I tried my burly spun yarn and that was great but too thick and big to fit a whole word on the heart. I might spin up some of my Ramboulett wool into a single thick yarn and use that or try to sew the lettering using the embroidery floss. Don’t know how to sew letters but I think I can figure it out. Anyway, I will post what I find works for me later.

Thank You Twiggi34!!!!!

I got gifted!!!  Totally unexpected!!  A lovely woman from Ravelry knitting group at B&N, brought gifts for everyone!!

She and her husband made these!!!  How splendid!  I wish I had my camera last night as each was different and so was each batt of wool.  They were all lovely and two folks hadn’t spun before, so it was really nice to see them initiated into spinning.

Fiber Fun

I have been having way too much fun….

Felting news

Besides fighting with yarn and needles to make socks, I have tried some lovely little projects with my needle felting.  Below are the pics of my little bendy doll and her dog.  Kristie Burns at and was lovely enough to give a video lesson on how to make felted bendy dolls to her members.  I was totally inspired and hope to create many more in all sorts of creatures.  So quick and fun!!