Winter and Yarn Porn

January has sluggishly gone by and I have not really been motivated to hurry it along. Been a hermit for the most part and playing with Fiber in all forms.

Here is a little yarn porn for you all. I dyed my first merino spun two ply yarn. I am sending this out to a friend in Cali, whom is going to crochet me a surprise. It is going to be great!
I simply took several packets of koolaid. Mixed them in hot water. Soaked my yarn in hot water and vinegar mixture. Then squirted the dye in the water on top of soaked yarn and heated in microwave for a really long ass time till all the water appeared to have no more koolaid dye left in it. Rinsed and hung to dry.


Fiber Fantastic!!!

This is a little record of the fiber fun I have been having as of late.  I have:

One skien of 84 yrds of Merino top two ply.  It is so small since it was left over from a bobbin I filled, but have yet to finish.

One Full Bobbin of two ply Merino Top, still on the Bobbin.

One Skien of single, 61 yards of various fibers,  that was given to me by Twiggi34 with the Drop Spindle.

Currently Spinning:

Alpaca, dyed cremesicle orange on my Baynes Spinning Wheel on my Twiggi34 Spindle

Felting News:

I finished my Angel from the November posting Fiber Fun, .  I had actually finished it before the Soltice but forgot to post the new picture.  It will be sent away to a special friend soon as a gift of Gratitude.

I have some lovely loosly curled Wendslydale Locks dyed an electric Blue that I will be spinning as soon as I finish the Orange Alpaca currently on the wheel.  You have to wait to see that! 😛

Enjoy the Fiber Porn!

Finished Product!

1 Skein = 306′

2 Skein = 324′

Shetland natural brown

Will have another skein of thread of the same material soon.

Spoiled beyond Belief!!!

For the last two days I have been receiving wonderful packages in the mail.  First, I received a lovely Yarn Swift by Beka.  LOVE IT!!!!  The next day I received a Ball Winder by Royal and felting pad.  Doubly, LOVE IT!!!  I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to finally getting all the tools I need to accomplish my artistic goals.

Not in a thousand years, have I ever thought I would have such access to my desires.  These items may not seem much to others, but they are huge to me.   My dreams for my artistic ambitions disappeared a long time ago.  No ones fault.  Just having to be practical and responsible for my choices in life.  Sssssssssllllllllllloooooooowwwwwwwllllllllyyyyy, I have been acquiring ways to be artistic but when material possessions are needed to accomplish them, money always gets in the way.  So, I collect pieces of my ideas over decades of time, in hopes that one day I may have all the materials I need to accomplish one of the many ideas I have, to outlet my expressions.  For years, I have hoarded various paints and brushes in hopes that I will someday afford the canvas.  I hoard beeswax in hopes of affording molds, kettles, drying racks, and more to create dipped candles and soap.  I hoard books in hopes of affording private lessons(on various topics) and shelving.  Now, I hoard books, fiber, yarns, needles, a spindle and a spinning wheel in hopes of affording felting/spinning roving of varigated colors, equipment/supplies to dye, a variety of spindles, more yarn, more needles, felting/spinning/knitting books and lessons, oh yah!  and more shelving.

I owe my ability to obtain my goals solely on S., whom is crazy enough to want to spoil me and tries his best to do so, in so many ways.  I wonder when he will realize he is fostering some serious materialism issues I have and make it all go away.  Hope not too soon, as I would really like to get to the point of creating something useful.  I am on my way to figuring out socks.  I met a lot of lovely woman meeting at my Local Barnes and Noble to knit on Tuesdays.  They are patient and helpful.   I was shown four different ways to cast on when I totally forgot how to cast on.  Boy!  It has been way too long of a summer!  S. even spoiled me by coming with and being my time keeper.  I could only spend an hour whilst B. was at TaeKwonDo.

I am so excited!