Mothers Day Brunch Surprise

May 2015

Mothers Day. I had received a call from my lil sis a couple days before stating she was coming in for a surprise for Mothers Day. It had been a long time since my parents had seen her. And it would have been the second time they had the opportunity to meet her new husband. I had not met him yet at all.  I was excited. But we had no other plans.

I got my brian in to gear and planned a sneaky surprise. I had told them we were going to bring mom and dad to a fancy shmancy place for brunch. I was going to pick them up. My sis was arriving at the time my parents were supposed to be picked up by us.  They were waiting outside for us to arrive. Instead, my sister and her husband arrived. It was incredibly lovely for my parents but it didn’t end there.

I showed up and my parents were still under the impression that we were going to brunch, but not sure how that was going to work with sis being there. We came prepared. We brought brunch to them!!!

We had ham loaf, mimosas, fruit salad, waffles, eggs, and so much more!!!  It was a lovely day with the family. It was wonderful to meet my brother in law.  Mom had the best Mothers Day. I even topped it off with a trip out for her favorite treat, Ice cream!!

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